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How to define the independent worker and whether it is necessary to you such? Part I.

This article can be useful not only to the owners of business, professional managers and people who are engaged in hiring of personnel, but also to all who assume that sometime he will need to look for work.

Today one of demands which are made by employers to potential workers often is independence. On the Internet the vacancies sounding directly - karikaturno continually meet, for example: The independent worker with the car and a free operating mode " Is required;. Others are more formalized, but all the same mention this most notorious independence. Let`s consider what property such why for the employer it is necessary that his workers had it how to define whether the applicant for vacancy, and also merits and demerits of cooperation with such worker is independent is.

What is independence? Ask this question to different people, and you receive the most different answers. For example: it when, the person acts independently, without indications of the management and without relying on the help of people around ; when the person is capable to think independently and to argue the point of view seeming to him true contrary to the whole world ; when people are not afraid to seem ridiculous, are not afraid to express the feelings and thoughts ; creativity, creativity, creation ; organization ; ability to operate the life ; ability to take the responsibility ; ability to see the purpose and to reach it, despite everything etc. All these definitions are in own way right, and together they characterize the person as independent and socially mature individual.

Generalizing, one may say, that independence is not only ability to execute some action without assistance, but also ability to itself to set tasks, ability to overcome itself in search of decisions. Independence does not mean a full freedom of action and acts; the independent person is always considered with public norms (and ability to define borders permitted also is an independence component) and therefore it - not any action but only intelligent and socially admissible. But it is possible to call not any socially legal action independent, and only persistent and aimed at achievement of the required result. So, independence is a complex of qualities, this responsible, initiative behavior independent of foreign influences. Independence is characterized by independence, initiative, activity, persistence, self-criticism, self-checking, self-motivation and self-confidence.

On interview it is necessary to use the simplified scheme of indicators of independence - activity, commitment and responsibility. In the first part of article we will stop on the first of the specified indicators - activities.

It is already easy to learn the active person how he carries out search of new work: many people in this situation are limited only to placement of the summary in the Internet or pass - the summary in newspapers, and then wait when they are called by the potential employer. Active applicants along with it will regularly look through the appearing announcements of vacancies. And having sent the summary, will not forget to call to learn whether it reached and what result. They surely involve all available resources in job searches: will study recommendations about job search, will post the summary on several websites and will regularly update it, will buy all available newspapers on employment and will study with a pencil in a hand, will visit job fairs, will interrogate acquaintances whether they have suitable vacancies at work etc. Active applicants light on the feet, they will not postpone interview in long box even at dense employment on the current place of work, will find an opportunity to visit the potential employer in the next few days. They will not be satisfied with the promise: We will communicate in case of positive result of interview and will specify terms when the decision on their candidate is made, and will call. Ask the applicant on interview, how exactly he looks for work, and a lot of things will become clear to you.

From the active applicant on interview it is not necessary to extend information pincers he will answer questions without notable delays, without being limited to terse answers. It will attend to learn something about the company before going for interview. It surely will have questions to the interviewer!

For the purpose of clarification of degree of activity describe to the applicant any problem within his competence as really taking place at the enterprise, and suggest it to outline straight off possible versions of its decision. On the speed of emergence of these options, their quantity, additional information, which will request the applicant, it will become clear as far as he is active.

Surely ask him on why he chose the professional education as it managed to receive / come it to this educational institution in what public work he was engaged. If education for it was chosen by parents as he could not solve whom he wants to become if at entrance examinations he wrote off or bribed if during training it, generally appeared only at session and used others cribs moreover and never was responsible, for example, for a whip-round for Birthday of the messmate or for the choice of restaurant on a graduation party - it demonstrates that the candidate did not differ in activity in student`s years. Whether it changed over time, will show answers to questions of rest, about work on projects and the relations in collective on the previous places of work, about whether it goes usually to elections, etc. of

forget to take an interest as the applicant spends free time, and, be not satisfied with the answer generally and ask to list more options which he is able to remember straight off, and ask from what of them he derives the greatest pleasure. If the candidate says about rest that he so is tired what prefers to roll about on a sofa with the book, but with equal pleasure gets out with friends to shish kebabs and leaves to play soccer with the little son, and on holiday he likes to travel or go hiking, and also does not neglect sports occupations - everything is all right (we all sometime are tired, isn`t it?) .

Nature of the active candidate such is that he prefers to join in business at once, on the course of work collecting missing information. Ask him how he adapted at last work as he plans to make it at you. Active will not deliberate long, it needs to speak to find out that he thinks actually. Its phrases are laconic, finished, concrete, abound with instructions on themselves and active action: I will make I will begin I will check I will develop etc. Such applicant is focused on achievements, on decisions, on result or acquisition something concrete. Therefore installation of priorities in the activity comes to it easily. Ask what he wants from new work what its purposes in life, as it is going to do the work and why quite so etc. Krom of sense of answers, pay attention and to lexicon: active involves verbs of aspiration and possession (to have, reach, try to obtain, to begin, to create, advance etc.) and will use a little lexicon of avoiding (to study, wait, exclude, warn, to avoid, observe).

Next time we will continue consideration of components of independence - commitment and responsibility. Successful supervision!