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How it is original to issue home-made pie or purchased cake?

Beautiful confectionery had good demand at all times. What only cakes, cakes and tortishch do not exist now, and first of all not the stuffing, but the appearance of a product capable at a single glance to kindle appetite attracts. Of course, as a rule, well issued baking products have the corresponding price. How to save? Or how to be if favourite " cake; became boring also there is a wish for the newcomer, but with the same stuffing? Add highlight !

It is not so difficult to bake a usual cake layer, pie or, as a last resort, to buy a cake. On it maybe it is not put seductive cream patterns, and it is possible, it seems to you that they are just not enough. In that case I want to prompt couple of options. On a surface of a finished product the kindled chocolate we draw rails (usual parallel strips, also two crossed branches of rails are possible). Everything only begins with it therefore we will make an engine of the most usual long loaf of white loaf.

We cut off a piece 2 cm thick from long loaf, we cut out from it a rectangular platform under ours transport - parties of 48 cm. The following detail is a cabin of the driver, is made of a cube of bread of 333 cm and body - a piece 1,5 cm thick with the parties 34. We stack a platform on rails, over it on one edge cabin on another body . The pipe which we do by the same principle, of long loaf was important attribute of such equipment of the last century. Length has to be about 4 cm, it is possible to squeeze out a pipe form from a piece a neck of a plastic bottle, process reminds creation of a canape molds.

Now we cover all this creation with the kindled chocolate, at the special imagination it is possible to combine black and white, having drawn windows and wheels. A sweet engine with the adjacent territory it is possible to strew lightly icing sugar or cocoa, in case of a light background. In the presence of the glazed sunflower seeds, sea stones and to that similar we create similarity of a natural relief.

The second way of registration - craters, volcanoes . The same kindled chocolate we need to try to pour out hollow craters, occupation are reminded by a structure of locks from wet sand. Here, as well as with sand, it is necessary to increase carefully with some break height of volcanoes the next layer of chocolate (it very much is pleasant to be done to children). You have them on the discretion. When at you height of eminences turns out (empty inside) from 1 to 3 cm, it is possible to fill them with usual or boiled condensed milk, bright jam, jam. And thin strips of chocolate to imitate cracks on the earth at eruptions.

Even men as it is not necessary to learn the magic mechanism of an oven will be able to create such miracle and to think where rises, settles, pie squats . And young hostesses, thus, easily will also be able just to make pleasant and to surprise parents and relatives for holidays or birthday.