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What means the term the blonde driving?

Very much popular belief that woman driving this evil, say the blonde driving, is worse, than a chimpanzee with the " grenade;. Let`s look, whether so at it.

In driving by the car there are two key things: good preparation and experience. The first is got in driving school ( At shka is a disaster on the road, as well as those who just took driving test, and all because in our country the principle of driving not is widespread on rules, and on to the concepts ) the second is got by a nakatka of a distance in kilometers that is expressed in experience. The second causes that those who took driving test recently go very accurately, slowly and by rules (which, it is necessary to pay tribute to the government begin to observe slowly).

As soon as the person passes the first 500 km (figures can vary), he begins to feel euphoria and, as a rule, right there has an accident (itself I have a similar bitter experience). It makes sober him, and it begins to go already more quietly.

At a break in driving even WEEK skills and reflexes are lost. Also are dangerous by it snowdrops so call those who did not go ALL winter, such people leave in the spring, just when these flowers blossom. They are extremely not sure on the road as they did not go long ago moreover and the stream of cars considerably increased (according to some information, the gain of fleet of vehicles makes up to 30% a year). Skills of driving aspire if not to zero, then are close.

In inside of the car it is possible to do everything that you want: to eat, drink, sleep, read, to have sex if very much it is necessary, to direct manicure and other embellishments... But only when it costs. At the movement the slightest derivation from management threatens with accident, even at small speeds what to tell about faster 40 and 60 km/h. It is forbidden to go in the city above, alas.

There is still a concept raspaltsovka on the road . These are Lexuses, Mercedes and other expensive cars. The others prefer not to contact those who earned on similar cars. These vehicles also turn on time - two - three even especially without looking, there is who sideways or not. Or just violate the mass of rules.

So it blonde driving ? It is a generalized character of those people who combine the above-stated habits involving various hindrances at the movement when driving. Both men, and women are subject to it. Just in view of the fact that until recently on roads was not to meet ladies almost, and the first representatives of the fair sex were not very adequate on the road, and there was such impression. The contribution was brought also by oral folklore.

Men without preparation drive better than women only at the expense of reflexes. At an experience set the difference is leveled.

And the last, perhaps most important: on our roads driving is carried out NOT by rules, and on the concepts . Women go by rules that very much enrages drivers of men. Though with increase on the road of women, as well as a car with them, forces to reduce concepts .

Good luck on roads, and less meetings with representatives of a caste blondes .