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What to treat guests during a post to? Vegetarian exotic! (Release 1)

the Post time special, modest, urging to give unloading to the organism, to leave from excesses and not only in food. But all - and during the Post there are birthdays, anniversaries, the same days off when the church allows ease. Here on these cases I also suggest you to prepare unusual dishes.

We with the husband vegetarians with more than ten-year experience, therefore a post in my life, one may say, always. When new acquaintances learn about it, they at once sochuvstvuyushche - puzzly ask: What do you eat? Really one porridge. And with what you feed guests? . I will tell about the porridges and soups in separate release, and today you learn about the most tasty, nourishing dishes upon which to me specially arise on a visit. Each of them has the small history.

Gyuvech on - Azerbaijani. This recipe I saw

once in a culinary notebook of the girlfriend, it attracted me with the name. On a question whether it is tasty, she shrugged shoulders and told: I do not know, did not prepare, the friend from Azerbaijan sent it to me, try to make . Tried and I advise you! Now, of course, not a summer season, but nevertheless it is possible to buy necessary products. Only in an hour your kitchen will be filled by smells of summer!

Will be necessary for preparation:

3 - 4 of

2 tomato of

paprika 1 glass of the

rice 2 large bulbs

2 glasses of the

0 kefir. 5 Art. of

water of spice, salt to taste.

While the oven is warmed, slightly fry small cut onions and pepper in vegetable oil. After that add to them the washed-out and dried rice. Water does not need to be added! Salt, pepper, add spice and still minutes 5 let everything is fried together.

On a bottom of a deep frying pan put a layer of thinly cut tomatoes, on them lay out the fried mix, and from above close a layer of tomatoes again. Mix water from 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, fill in with it gyuvech and put in an oven on average fire.

While is concerned, mix 0,5 liters of kefir with 2 shaken-up eggs, during a post it is possible not to add eggs, and without them it is tasty. You pour out this mix in about 30 minutes directly on tomatoes and you wear out to a zarumyanivaniye.

Before giving can strew with greens and garlic.

Is sure, your house and guests again and will persuade again you to prepare gyuvech!

Manti with pumpkin. them me the granny who lived the most part of life in the Southern Kazakhstan taught to prepare

. These are amazing places where the culture and traditions of a set of nationalities which referred there or came voluntarily connected. For example, my ancestors escaped for general hunger in Ukraine, and then and in the Volga region. I can tell that the cookery only benefited from it.

So, we do dough: shake up 1 egg with salt, add 1 Art. of water and knead flour, so that dough turned out elastic. Secret : egg can be replaced with 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil which are added to water with the salt which is already dissolved in it, and then also knead flour.

While dough rasstaivatsya under a bowl, we do a stuffing. For etogomelko cut pumpkin, add onions, salt, spices. The stuffing can be also from potato with onions, potatoes with pumpkin, and in general any vegetables in any combination, fat mincemeat. Experiment!

From the test roll thin flat cakes about 10 cm in the diameter, the main thing that they were located on double boiler supports is possible more. On the middle lay out 1 tablespoon with a forcemeat hill. Zashchipayte of edge to the middle, and then a half of the test close a stuffing and a zashchipnita so that triangles as a result turned out. It is also manti.

They are steamed within 25 minutes. If there is no double boiler, its role will be executed by a big pan with the boiling water at the bottom in which put special supports on legs with holes. And manti, respectively, are displayed on these supports oiled vegetable.

Through absolutely small time you are waited by a tremendous yum-yum!

can eat Manti with sour cream, soy sauce, mayonnaise and even just like that! if you prepared

A more, than could eat, fry to the following meal on vegetable or butter. Fingers you will precisely lick


A lobio - the Georgian dish, already more than 30 years one of the most favourite in our family. Came, respectively, from Georgia where to davny - served long ago my father.

Wet haricot, it is better red, for 5 - 6 hours. Weld in water to readiness, it is not necessary to salt. Merge broth in separate ware. Cut onions thin half rings, fry it in vegetable oil till golden color, having added a sugar pinch. Put a tablespoon of flour or starch, quickly mix that there were no lumps. Add 2 - 3 tablespoons of sour cream or tomato sauce, mix too.

Now add haricot broth, constantly disturbing, about 1 glass, more depending on what density you love sauce is possible. Salt, pepper, add spice. Lay out haricot in sauce, bring everything to boiling and boil thoroughly 5 min. While cooks, small cut garlic, add it when you remove everything from fire.

the Nourishing, tasty and useful dish is ready!

Before giving can strew with greens, but it is not obligatory.

I think, having once prepared any of these dishes, you forever lodge them in the recipe-book and will indulge the relatives not only during a post.