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What can learn from Dick and Mack Makdonaldov?

on February 16, 1909 in the state New - Hampshire on North - the East of the USA was born Richard McDonald who together with the brother Maurice was fated to become that who, without any exaggeration, is known by the whole world.

In the USA there is such concept: the person who made himself . It fully concerns also to Richard with Maurice who, however, were called during lifetime more often by Dick and Mack.

Destiny of these two guys of the Irish origin as reflects a success formula in a drop of water. Let`s try to bring her on their example.

So, many consider that brothers exchanged cold To the Nye - Hampshire to solar California at the beginning of the Great depression, approximately in 1929. But there are certificates which claim that the family Makdonaldov got over here much earlier - in 1920. Dick and Mack`s aspiration to settle closer to Hollywood is also explained by it. For a start ordinary ancillary workers. So some time they were busy with what was established by scenery at studio. At the same time took good note in total: what is pleasant to people more on what they prefer to sink down how to make so that the person who once tasted something unusual, swallowed a hook as it is possible more deeply. The factory of dreams helped them to learn human nature, its psychology.

From here it is possible to draw a conclusion: where the destiny would not abandon you, try to take a maximum from a situation. Even if, at first sight, also it seems to you that it precisely in life is not useful any more.

Ambitious Irish guys understood soon that in decorators it is possible to get stuck for the rest of life, and therefore decided to replace a profession. To become, for example, dealers.

Their first booth selling juice was surprising in the city. Unlike usual square boxes, it was executed in the form of orange and painted in bright orange color. Here where the Hollywood school affected. Children with pleasure dragged parents to try juice from huge orange. Trade prospered!

But the Great depression grabbed by a throat, first of all, middle class. Became people not to orange juice.

Opening of restaurant for fast having a snack which would serve drivers of heavy-load cars became the following step. Some time it prospered because brothers strongly not bothered concerning a variety of the menu, for them service speed was the main criterion!

The summer and fall held on successfully. And in the winter when weather conditions detained drivers in service points, Richard thought up to develop at restaurant marching movie theater that drivers could pass away hour or so - another waiting until bad weather calms down. It was the wise course - drivers unlike others were not able to afford to toss of a glass - other whisky. In - the first, driving, and in - the second, expensively. And to admire the Hollywood beauties - another matter!

But also it, eventually, became boring. And competitors were not lost: some even began to offer drivers a striptease not under " plywood; and alive.

In 1940 brothers offered " again; break - installed the car for automatic distribution of ketchup! Something turned out like competition - interestingly and who has more on jotas - a mastiff will spit heartless car. Visitors even tried to establish dependence of quantity of a portion and force of pressing the lever. Business did not reach tournaments, but champions had success.

And in the head of the visionary Dick ideas crowded again: how, on the one hand, to cut down expenses, and with another - to improve customer service that they were again and again flown to Makdonaldam, like bees to honey?

the Exit was found paradoxical - to refuse use of china. In - the first, it is unprofitable to hold a big staff of dishwashers, in - the second, not all of them differ in accuracy, but who loves the washed dishes with fat stains? And, at last, plates often beat that could not but affect expenses.

So at restaurant appeared disposable tableware.

After porcelain plates departed to a trash can also forks with knives: who will wash them? And in the menu there was only what it is possible to refuel using only own hands and a mouth.

Well and - the progress engine Dick tried not to forget about advertizing. Without having any design education, he thought up how to make so that restaurant it was visible from far away. For this purpose he established two gold arches which were highlighted by neon on a roof.

But I tell only about lucky finds. If to consider that a lot of things were rejected by life, having hardly appeared, it is possible to assume that brothers for many years were in creative search, it is constant something thinking out.

In one more " indicator; success - never hesitate to experiment. Even if will get accustomed one sprout from twenty, all of you will equally be the winner.

And, at last, I start to the most important page of history of brothers. Why it turned out so what they conceded rights to use own business to a certain Ray Krok? Which if to use our Russian terminology, peeled Dick and Mack as to a lipk.

There was it in far 1955 when the unaccomplished direct-sales representative Krok, having learned that some restaurateurs from San - Bernardino decided to buy from him the whole 8 mixers. Let`s pay tribute to Ray, he was not too lazy to arrive to the town. And what was seen brought it into full delight.

- And that if to adjust such Makdonaldov on all coast? - he offered Dick.

- And who will be engaged in it? - Dick was surprised. - It is better to be the first guy on the village, than the last in the city!

- Why not to charge you this business me? - Drag

Krok was even cleverer than

- he entrusted construction by another. But he received for each new open restaurant 950 dollars and another 1,9% of a gross revenue in addition.

A brothers sold it idea and a name for 2,7 million dollars - very considerable sum for those times. Plus they received for two 0,9% of the income of restaurants.

Sold too cheap, you will tell? How to tell! You remember Marx`s words that the capitalist will hang also for half-percent. It at us, in Russia, for such percent will not even be to be soiled .

But who will reproach the same Dick with lack of wisdom? He did not tear heart, and enjoyed life. Also died in 1998 far already, without having lived a little more than half a year up to the 90 - the anniversaries. You remember: From purely scientific point of view in a profession of the thief, as well as in professions of the Saint, the most important - in time to be washed away . Or to stop. That, in general, same.

Dick managed to stop! And it is, perhaps, the most important lesson.