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Why always same or ode to tariffs...

One known wisdom say If you want to make to the person pleasantly, then take away from him Everything, and then return part of what took away! And he will be grateful to you all life Perhaps the formulation not such and who told it I do not remember, but the sense remains to the same and now it is very actual

O than the speech? Of course not about the Greek philosophy. Recently looked at the Kiev news and heard the message there that our darling Vlada cancelled increase of tariffs. And that it will be necessary to pay not three times more now, and in two. And we, residents of Ukraine, have to rejoice now that we should pay less:)

Frankly speaking, I and knew what so will be, even told friends, here now they will raise tariffs, and then will a little reduce and will make themselves good As it is ridiculous what politicians, ridiculous at us, the ridiculous mayor and the ridiculous president. I watch on them on TV and I laugh every day. They even for a normal creative do not have enough mind. All their steps are foreseen also nothing good from them long ago nobody waits.

All of us, Ukrainians, were disappointed in our government and in our policy long ago after gave soul orange revolution it was as a hope droplet, it amused us and brought optimism. But now I do not trust anybody and I consider that who will seize to a feeding trough under the name the power, begins to guzzle and guzzle at once, even without thinking to share with others. Pour water from one vessel in another, so, what precisely to look at everything: at session, on decrees, on decisions and precisely to listen to speeches which are delivered from the air. If these speeches are also prepared, then is three times as much ridiculous as such people could get an education and as they in general work even if according to the report written by experts cannot make normal performance but it is already other history generally I do not know

so far whether it is worth hoping for something good, but you should not trust anybody - it is precisely. It seems to me that our people are one many cleverer, than there, above think, doing of us fools, and creating visibility of work...