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How to become the astronaut? 6. Falling of stars

is offensive to crash on the finish. Nevertheless, and it happened.

On August 5, 1966 the decision was made that The Union - 1 Vladimir Komarov will pilot. His doubler appointed Yury Gagarin. It is known that this flight ended tragicly.

The ship was not brought to a necessary technological level. But Brezhnev very much wanted to flash the next achievement in space to the May Day, and he demanded to organize flight urgently. The rocket began to be prepared for start hastily. The first check debugged more than hundred. Generally, other astronaut had to fly. However, after the message on such number of malfunctions, it lifted a blood pressure, and doctors forbade to send it to flight. Persuaded to fly Komarov as the most trained astronaut.

After successful start of the ship its flight it was declared on radio, and all waited for its return. The ship orbited, but malfunctions turned out very much that he should be imprisoned urgently. Komarov swore from space: Devil car. Nothing gives in to management! .

Despite malfunctions, it brought the ship to a decrease trajectory.

Technological negligence of one of assemblers brought it. To reach one of units, the worker drilled an opening in the heat-shielding screen, and then hammered into it a steel pig. At a spaceship entrance to dense beds of the atmosphere the pig melted, the current of air got into a parachute compartment and squeezed the container with a parachute. That left not completely. The astronaut let out a spare parachute.

That left normally, but the capsule began to somersault, the first parachute overflowed slings of the second and extinguished it. Komarov lost any chances of rescue. He understood that he is doomed, and on all Universe obmatyugat our governors. Americans wrote down his heart-breaking talk with the wife and friends, complaints to increase of temperature, agonal groans and shouts. Vladimir Komarov died at blow of the lander about the earth.

Something remotely similar was also at Americans. Space shuttle Colombia started from Cape Canaveral on January 16. Landing Shuttle had to take place on February 1 at 16:16 (on the Kiev time) in the Space center of Kennedy on Cape Canaveral in Florida.

It also happened if if in large quantities the temperature sensors located in the left wing of a space shuttle did not begin to refuse at 15:57.

At the time of accident Shuttle was at the height of 60900 meters above sea level, slightly to the north of the central part of Texas. It was reported that its speed was about 8 kilometers per second (20 thousand kilometers per hour), that is, by 18 times exceeded sound speed.

Also there was a disaster. At 16:00 contact with the ship was lost. And soon TV companies of the whole world interrupted transfers and showed shots on which it is visible how the sky was cut by an inversion trace of the going-down shuttle. Then the white line broke up to two parts, and there and to many small strips.

Shuttle it was not provided with an individual survival equipment, and astronauts could not catapult from a board of a space shuttle. Too highly there were they over the earth, the speed of their flight was too big