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How to become the astronaut? 4. Solve seconds of

One more danger of space - depressurization.

On June 30, 1971 - go years tragicly died in space, coming back from a space station, three our astronauts - Georgy Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov and Victor Patsayev. Tragedies could not be if not rivalry with Americans and ambitions of ours leaders .

As Americans prepared for start triple Apollo so and at us not less than three astronauts had to fly. If the crew consisted of two people, they could be in space suits. But three space suits did not pass neither on weight, nor on dimensions. And then solved: let children fly in one sports suits. But from this flight by live nobody returned.

Everything went normally up to the height of 150 kilometers. Suddenly unexpectedly the valve of respiratory ventilation connecting a cabin to the external environment revealed. It had to work much later, at Earth. Air with whistle began to escape outside. Pressure in the lander promptly fell.

In 4 seconds after the beginning of depressurization breath frequency at Dobrovolsky jumped up to 48 breaths a minute (at norm 16), the agony began, and in 20 - 30 seconds there occurred the death. Traces of a cerebral hemorrhage, blood in lungs, injury of eardrums, release of nitrogen from blood were found in the dead.

To unfasten belts and close a hole of the size of a five-kopeck coin astronauts could be in time in thirty seconds. But they fainted much earlier, and any more could make nothing.

In three years, in two days of flight of the ship The Union - 15 there was a depressurization of a cabin in an orbit again. Astronauts Dyomin and Sundresses, even without having reported about it to Earth, rushed to the lander and included a crash landing. They managed to escape.

Nearly flight according to the " program ended with death of crew; The union - Apollo . When landing Apollo at the height of 15 kilometers over an ocean surface the valve of respiratory ventilation also unexpectedly revealed. The crew practically fainted, but to the captain, skilled Thomas Stafford, it was succeeded to undo belts and to distribute oxygen masks to crew. At this moment the capsule flopped to the ocean, and only thanks to accurate action of divers astronauts were taken live.

It is not the first case of a crash landing to the ocean. Suborbital flight of American Virgile Grissom in July, 1961 - go years took place successfully, but from - for premature shooting of a cover of the hatch began to fill in the lowered capsule with water therefore Grissom nearly drowned. However, later he all the same died at the fire Apollo - 1 . Here, who is fated to burn down - will not drown.

Our astronauts managed to sit down once on water on a lake surface too, more precisely. The lake was big, that day there was wind, nervousness, astronauts felt the real rolling. The parachute which left a capsule compartment became wet, turned the ship and began to drag it on a bottom.

Astronauts were found and pulled out only in 11 hours when they already choked. The astronaut Zudov felt bad, at him developed seasickness .

On a twist of fate other astronaut, Christmas, before transfer in group of astronauts was a professional diver. During tiresome expectation it remained quiet and helped the companion.