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How to become the astronaut? 3. On a hair from

Probably, there was no flight - neither ours, nor American during which there would be no malfunctions. Failure of the equipment, computer failure, troubles with power supply. Some faults had to be rectified by force. For example, in the course sovetsko - the French flight at " station; Salute it was necessary to deploy the " antenna; Ayr . And she did not want to reveal in any way. It was necessary to help spring mechanisms, and after Volkov`s blow a leg and pronouncings the magic phrase which Jeanne - Lou Chretien did not understand, the antenna managed to be opened.

Most often troubles occurred during joining. Still, two multiton, but fragile large objects moving on relatives, but all - to different orbits, have to balance speeds, approach and be linked carefully. At the same time forces of inertia and centrifugal accelerations seek or to take away them, or, what is worse, to push off. In the first joint flight the East spaceships - 3 and the East - 4 could not approach closer, than on several kilometers. Subsequently attempts to approach and join repeatedly and unsuccessfully repeated also us, and Americans.

For the first time the crew of the American " spaceship managed to carry out joining in space; Dzhemini - 8 On March 17, 1966 - go years. In the beginning everything went well. Dzhemini - 8 successfully joined the pilotless " rocket; Adzhena . But in a few minutes after that the sheaf from two ships began to somersault quickly and uncontrollable. Thinking that rotation came from a push when joining, the captain Neill Armstrong, that which the first stepped subsequently into the Moon tried to stop rotation. The ships for a moment stood, and then began to rotate even quicker. Having understood that business consists in Adzhene Armstrong, almost fainting from dizziness and overloads, managed to undock and stabilize the ship. On it were almost all fuel of engines of braking is spent. It was necessary to refuse the planned spacewalk and to splash down urgently in the Pacific Ocean.

Emergencies when joining arose repeatedly. For example, when joining the cargo ship Progress of M - 24 faced station. Once the cargo ship flew by by " station; World dangerously close. As a rule, astronauts for safety came over for the period of joining to other side of station in the ship " lander; " Union;. But not this time. The dangerous situation became a good lesson on the future.

Sometimes astronauts came back, without having performed tasks. So was in flights The Union T - 8 and Dzhemini - 9 . In flight The Union - 10 joining happened, but here undocking demanded a lot of fuss and nerves. There were also funny things. When tightening docking knots of " station; World and " module; Quantum process did not go. Astronauts were forced to leave in an outer space to check a condition of system. The result was unexpected. In a cavity of knots there was a bag with things which remained from last expedition.

Very dangerous operation in an orbit is extravehicular activity. The first of people of Earth the astronaut Alexey Leonov stepped there. And hardly there did not remain. From huge pressure difference its space suit was deformed. Hands of the astronaut left gloves, a leg - boots. It could not be provided and checked on Earth. It was necessary to come back to a lock - not legs, but the head, and then to be developed to enter the ship everything is legs. And it with a diameter of a lock meter twenty!