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How to become the astronaut? 2. Let`s roll!

At last, fascinating, tiresome and dangerous trainings are complete, you survived and are healthy, you recognized ready to flight.

On start you will be seen off only by men, as on a Muslim funeral. Such is tradition. One more tradition: in order that flight was successful, it is necessary to urinate on the carrier rocket, or at least on wheels of the bus which brought you. No, not to you, you in a space suit. And all starting team. Otherwise consequences can be awful.

On September 26, 1983 - go years at start of the spaceship the Union - T10 lit up the carrier rocket. The automatic system of rescue did not work. In twelve seconds after emergence of a flame the starting personnel gave team of ejection. The lowered module the Union was shot from the ship with an overload in 15 - 18 g. Astronauts safely fell at distance of 4 km from the rocket which exploded in several seconds after office of a capsule.

During start of the " spaceship; The Union - 18/1 there was an accident of the third missile stage - the carrier. Fortunately, the system of rescue worked faultlessly. With an overload in 22 g it tore off the spaceship from the rocket, rejected it on a ballistic trajectory. The lander with astronauts made subspace flight. Landing happened in the remote regions of Altai on the brink of break, and only thanks to a case ended safely.

Well and that happened to astronauts Challenger all saw. It was the largest tragedy in the history of the piloted flights: ship Challenger blew up on the 74th second of flight. And we, as well as saw millions of people observing start on the TV how in a clear sky at the height about 16 km over Earth fiery salute fragments scattered. Seven American astronauts, and among them the teacher Christa Makoliff, died. As you can see, the woman by the ship It seldom does without consequences.

So, do not forget about importance of ritual of start, and, above all, about the traditional phrase Went ! It is ritual too.

But here you got into an orbit. And here what any terrestrial training will not accustom to begins. Zero gravity. People transfer it sometimes very hard. The head hurts, the body aches, the person swells, all the time it seems that you overturn.

Americans in the first days at " station; Skayleb just lay. The first woman - the astronaut Valentina Tereshkova flew practically in a stressful state. It could not carry out the program, and returned it nearly in a faint. However, it denies it.

Zero gravity does space life intolerable. The food of astronauts is small packaged. Food - on one sting not to leave crumbs. The matter is that any flying crumb or a drop, having got into airways someone from crew members, can become the reason of his death.

Observance of habitual rules of hygiene turns into a problem. In an orbit plainly to be washed, in a usual toilet to descend. For the first astronauts personal toilets were created.

Worked on it a little scientifically - research institutes. Still in one of scientific research institute it is kept bronze back Valentina Tereshkova, created on an individual mold. All this became completely to exclude hit in a cabin of urine and other unpleasant things. For the same reason sex in space though is possible, but is unsafe.

Presence in an orbit of women sharply complicates life of men - astronauts. It is necessary to burden himself with excess clothes and it is impossible to rugnutsya by sense. And it is known how well influences psychological comfort at stress loads an offensive language!

Situation is aggravated with the fact that at astronauts the dream worsens, women haunt them and at night. Here, for example, only rain noise because women by the ship were not dreamed Sevastyanov.

It seems that badly only to our astronauts. The Americans liberated in sexual sense do not pay on it special attention. It is possible for this reason only three Russian women and more than thirty - American flew to space.

Moreover, Americans reached that consider as if in distant space flights it is possible to do without men in general! In their project of the first interstellar ship which is assumed to be sent to Alpha Tsentavra years through fifty instead of men it is planned to take bank of sperm, and the female crew has to give birth to men on the road. Say, so the cheapest way. Well, two worlds - two systems.