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How to become the astronaut? 1. You already tried everything?

If you already moved down on skis from Everest, dived without aqualung into the Mariana hollow, rode the bicycle across Antarctica, then you have only one now: to fly to space. To get aboard the spaceship, there are three ways: to become the astronaut, to buy a ticket for the blood or to receive the permit in trade-union committee.

It is promised to us to depart according to the trade-union permit so far only Tsiolkovsky. Probably, in labor union there are not enough means, badly we pay contributions. For money, after Dennis Tito, many already flew - but applicants for the subsequent flights much more so, you stand in line and save up money.

But here still hassle. To fly the passenger as Tito, interestingly, but far more abruptly most to operate the starprobe vehicle. Probably, therefore the majority flying to space chose the first way.

It is possible, however, most to make the spaceship, people do self-made airplanes. Obviously, such simple thought for some reason came earlier to nobody to mind. Otherwise space would be mastered up and down long ago. Well, nothing, from this day business will go!

The one who wants to become an astronaut should not think of the life on the scale of month or year. It has to have a long-term purpose, dream, for about forty years. At first it is necessary to be learned. Spacecrafts are difficult, and the equipment is more difficult, the engineering intelligence is more necessary.

Education, naturally, has to be the highest. It is optimum to be the pilot as Mosquitoes, the designer as Feoktistov, or, as a last resort, the doctor as Egorov. Agronomists, choreographers and accountants in space are not taken yet. And it is a pity.

Candidates for astronauts have to sound for practice several years by the test pilot, the designer of space equipment, or, at the worst, to be beaten to any control center of space flights.

But here desired came true - you were taken in group of astronauts. It is not a guarantee yet that you depart. Many also did not wait for the flight. But via centrifuges, bar - and isolation chambers, parachute jumps, simulators of zero gravity passed almost everything. Than not cheerful life? Do of you the superman! But this life is fraught with dangers.

In 1961 - the m in died to year Valentin Bondarenko entering into the first group of astronauts. He was only 24 years old. Valentin passed training in a pressure chamber. After training he removed medical sensors, rubbed off a body cotton wool with alcohol and threw out it. The cotton wool moistened with alcohol incidentally got on the electric heater, and the chamber oxygenated flashed. Also the clothes of the astronaut lit up. The door of a chamber did not manage to be opened within several minutes. From shock and Bondarenko`s burns died.

After that the Soviet designers ceased to design spaceships with the atmosphere enriched with oxygen. If the Soviet authorities published this case, then, perhaps, three American astronauts did not die during training under similar circumstances.

It happened on January 27, 1967 - a loud laughter. During preparation for flight by the American ship Apollo from a casual spark the fire broke out. Astronauts Grissom, Whyte and Chaffi, land services managed to undertake nothing.

From detection of the fire before loss by crew of consciousness did not pass also forty seconds whereas at trainings the crew did not manage to go out of the ship and for the doubled term. The last words of Chaffi on 13 - y to second of the fire were .... I`m getting out.... - I leave . But it did not leave. All three died from burns and from asthma.