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Why it is necessary to do military service?

Month February is rich in holidays. Celebrated the St. Valentine`s Day, here on February 23 - man`s holiday. For the first time it appeared in 1918 as birthday of Red Army. Since 1946 it began to be called Day of the Soviet Army and Voyenno - Navy. And you know how it correctly is called now? Day of Defenders of the Fatherland? Here not! In 1995 the State Duma of Russia adopted the law in which this day is called so: On February 23 - the Victory Day of Red Army over kayzerovsky troops of Germany (1918) - the Defender of the Fatherland Day .

For most of people is, first of all, a holiday of real men today. And whom we can refer to this category - real men ? Of course, those who did military service! Recently recruits think only of one: To Serve or not to serve - here in what the question - and at any opportunity try to otkosit . Really everything is so bad in army? I tried to find at least several positive moments of service in army. Also you know, all - they are!

So, you go to serve. What good waits for you?

In - the first, instead of the old, bothered clothes you receive the newcomer prikid, and is absolutely free.

In - the second, you at last understand that a hairstyle under zero to you goes too. You change image!

In - the third, you learn to put on while the match burns. Agree, in some situations it can save to you life.

In - the fourth, porridge becomes your favourite dish, and you will relieve the wife of long standing at a plate subsequently, and will spend more time together.

In - the fifth, you learn to reel up footcloths, and these skills will surely be useful to you when swaddling children.

In - the sixth, receiving a long-awaited parcel from the house or going to dismissal, you begin to appreciate the fine moments, to look at life in a different way.

In - the seventh, understanding that you are a defender of a fine half of mankind positively influences your self-assessment.

In - the eighth, you check yourself for endurance, you test will power, thereby you temper the character.

And at last, the last - you understand what this sweet word - demobilization, and, having come back home, you feel real man !

With a holiday, men!