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How dolphins heal?

from the Ukrainian Control center and test of space systems in Yevpatoria for the first time in the history of mankind were sent on August 29, 2001 the television message of children to extraterrestrial civilizations.

Except the text in the Russian and English languages in the message there were music and drawings. The signal was sent to one of stars in Delphine`s constellation which is at distance more than 68 light years from Earth.

Perhaps, the choice of constellation was influenced that dolphins in Yevpatoria are well known and loved. They often come to Evpatoriysky coast, especially in the winter when beaches become empty. And in the sixties one nice dolphin ventured even to swim away also to the beach and to play there with children.

And in Yevpatoria, this famous children`s resort, is lechebno - the diagnostic center using dolphins for treatment of children.

Long ago it is noticed that communication with animals lightens mood and improves health of the person. Many animals - cats, dogs, horses are used for simplification of nervous diseases. For example, practice hippotherapy - treatment by means of riding.

Dolphins with their high intelligence, friendliness, lack of aggression and goodwill could not stand aside. At the end of 80 - x years of the XX century the physicians, biologists, physiologists studying dolphins - for the first time came to understanding them salutary power.

Years of laborious work with dolphins allowed to save up a set of the materials proving positive influence of communication with a dolphin on health of the person.

Physicians developed the new direction of psychological rehabilitation by means of dolphins. It received the name of dolphin therapy (Dolphin Assisted Therapy - DAT). Especially effectively, as it became clear, to use this method for psychological assistance problem to children with various diseases - neurosises, stutter, a children`s cerebral palsy.

Delays of mental and speech development in children, severe psychological injuries, enuresis, a Down syndrome, a state after a coma - here those diseases which it is possible to treat so.

Many people, including, alas, and to small children need professional psychological assistance and rehabilitation. Among such patients, for example, the persons who had different injuries affected by natural and technogenic disasters, the former refugees and hostages.

Here, for example, autism. The child lives only the inner world, does not react on people around, even to the parents. The little man does not speak and as if does not see anybody around. Grows like cardboard. It is terrible. He cannot not that to ask on a pot, will not tell even that he wants to eat or drink.

And here dolphins, fortunately, manage to break through to consciousness of the child.

In the beginning children are afraid of dolphins, push away them from themselves. Then calm down, and it promotes their recovery.

Communication with a dolphin in his native elements well influences a nervous condition of the child, removes stresses, improves health and working capacity.

When using this method the child needing the help can freely communicate with the real live dolphin - to iron it, to play, speak and swim with it directly in the pool, naturally, under supervision of the doctor and skilled trainer. Dolphins such talkers that can get to talking any.

The sounds made by dolphins and their rhythmical movements interest the child and cure him. On the tenth session the child himself tries to feed a dolphin, tries to swim up to it closer, to grasp a fin. The next year, after a repeated course of dolphin therapy, the children suffering from autism begin to speak.

The dolphin feels that he has on a visit a person who needs the help and tries to render it.

And little people long remember dolphins.