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What will we see THERE, beyond?

Getting acquainted with many strange things accompanying death of the person necessarily you believe that there is in our organisms something, capable to separate from a body and to continue independent existence.

Ah, you do not trust? Also it is not necessary. There will be to you IT, will tell me later. Either here, or THERE, beyond.

I do not know as far as I was close to IT. Heart attack captured me suddenly, on the street. I remember that I sat down on a concrete protection and leaned against the wife. This world, no, did not grow dim, and became brighter, immeasurably brighter, but did not stick together. Everything sank in it. Contours of objects were hardly illuminated through silver fog. I accurately heard what occurred around, sounds reached clearly, but, appear, from far away. Someone told that he called an ambulance, someone offered waters. I also spoke, but nobody heard me. Surprisingly, but I did not feel any pain any more.

It seemed that in centuries before me there was some shining circle - it was a car wheel. And suddenly, remaining on the place, I saw how me drag to this car, saw myself from a back! Second, and everything came to an end. I accurately and clearly saw that I lie on a stretcher in the ambulance, and the elderly vrachikha gives to me an injection. I returned. What was it? Where I was? It is still a riddle for me.

Similar phenomena nonplus doctors. Vienna, 2003 - y year. Here, in one of clinics, at 49 - the summer woman by the name of Vera Fromm heart stopped. Case though sad, but ordinary. More than five minutes doctors tried to bring her out of a condition of clinical death, and they managed it. In this case too anything phenomenal, all - HH_ a century. Surprising began later. Having recovered after operation, Vera described the death. She told how she suddenly soared to a ceiling and saw the body on the operating table. She saw the striving doctors, described neck birthmark and a scar on the right cheek at one of them.

All focus that Vera was blind from the birth and never saw either birthmarks, or scars. Probably, communicating with an astral, her soul learned what is it and, moreover, learned that on it it is necessary to pay special attention, as on the proof of stay in the next world. I do not see, but soul my able to see - Vera told. By the way, upon return to life, sight, alas, did not return to it. it is impossible to call All this

just an invention.

The phenomenon it is known since ancient times. Attempt it is rational to explain similar cases is the cornerstone of all religions of the world. Tens of thousands of cases of return to life of recently died are known. And thousands of times they told that they saw things which could not see, including, themselves. For example, the famous singer Sergey Zakharov told that he saw not only doctors and how they brought the resuscitation equipment, but also the battery lost the day before in dust behind a case.

Sometimes people see events which come for many kilometers from them, and check shows what described by them in details coincides with what was actually. Most often people see how they fly on the black tunnel at the end of which light, sometimes just see light without any tunnels.

The academician Arutyunov answered a question of the president of Academy of medical sciences Blochin that he during clinical death saw ... all - navsy - a black hole . Or perhaps he just did not deserve light?