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What are pass - robots, or And you would take it in investigation?

Generally, it it is easy to make as slightly more piece of lump sugar is about the robot volume, and weighing only 28 g However, he creeps not quicker than a turtle, but can get through also in a mouse mink. The robot is independent and, despite the small sizes, is supplied with the processor with memory even in 8 Kb. On it it is possible to hang a video camera, the microphone and phone, an infrared and chemical sensor.

Similar pass - the robot nicknamed Alice it is possible to get as hours. It is supplied with infrared sensors which help to bypass obstacles. The robot can exchange call signs with other robot and report to the basic computer about the location on radio.

For what such robots are necessary? First of all, for exact mapping of the unfamiliar district, inspection of internal rooms and blockages. After equipment of the robot this or that microsensor it is capable to find and neutralize mines, to find explosive, drugs, the chemical or bacteriological weapon. As a last resort to overhear something or to spot.

Pass - robots are capable unnoticed to filter on pipelines, in hundreds collecting in the right places, continuously keeping in touch among themselves and the operator.

In the atmosphere of premilitary hysteria robots - spies seem everywhere. And the harmless guinea pig who was finished off by the inhabitant of California Benny Zavala fell the first victim of a robotofobiya, having counted it as the robot.

Thousands of autonomous self-moving sensors dumped in the field of the forthcoming fight will transfer on the top of audio - and a video information, flying prospecting pass - robots will catch the infrared radiation and radio signals. They will put active hindrances of a radar-location of the opponent, will take away their rockets from the purpose.

Robots - the intelligence agents equipped with firearms and grenades not to mention infrared sight and chemical nose shoot without miss, are afraid of nothing and, the main thing, never contradict the commander who is from them for hundreds of meters.

They quickly communicate with each other and with command, using the principle of the distributed network, as on the Internet. It allows to transfer with guarantee information even at failure of several autonomous knots of a network, and mind robots quickly adapts to any change of conditions of transfer.

Pilotless intelligence agents were for the first time tested on the arena of military operations in 1982 - m to year in Lebanon. They so quickly acted that for an hour it was destroyed 29 zenitno - missile systems of the opponent. It so was pleasant to military that - robots undertook development of similar planes in all hi-tech countries.

In military operations in Afghanistan the American military used the robot planes equipped with rockets, operating them from America, for thousands of miles from a battlefield.

Do not think that UAVs fly somewhere there, far, and it does not concern you. A few years ago two such planes flew by over Moscow.

The less sizes of the flying intelligence agent, the less he is vulnerable. In many countries are developed flying pass - robots, the size from an insect to a bird. Micro - helicopters can be used by ordinary infantrymen for carrying out investigation including in city conditions. In principle, nothing prevents to fly them even in window leaves.

The special attention is drawn by the robot, even externally similar to an insect. As well as at a fly, his wings at the same time both wave, and rotate round its pivot-center. The weight of a fly - the robot of 0,1 g, she is set in motion by energy of solar batteries which covered her body.

Aircraft of this class are capable to maneuver quicker than the fighter and " already now; to land even on a ceiling. Robots - birds can is reserved to conduct video filming of the enemy territory, to deliver medicines, food and ammunition in zones of military operations.

And over all this in space vacuum the spy satellites which are continuously scanning the slightest movements or an exchange of radio signals at the opponent hang. All this through a computer network is transferred to the earth, and squall of robots - the kamikaze - the bombs and rockets capable to independently find and hit the target is ready to fall upon the opponent.