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How we get drunk?

It is known that alcohol are formed of carbohydrates in the course of fermentation, by means of special organic catalysts - enzymes. In the fantastic story of Henry Kattner Continuous troubles one of his heroes with the help friends - " enzymes; managed to turn the sugar which is available in blood, in alcohol and all the time to remain tipsy.

Something similar happened to one Japanese driver in the fifties of the last century. The microflora of his stomach was such is that it should have eaten a bread piece as in blood right there was an alcohol that made impossible performance of professional duties.

But it is the rare occurence. And in our usual organism friends - " enzymes; carry out absolutely other role. As soon as we we accept a dose alcohol in only a few seconds reaches a liver and under the influence of enzymes, vitamins of " group; In and some other substances, begins to turn into ethyl aldehyde - substance more poisonous, than ethyl alcohol.

But on it transformations do not come to an end. The liver - on that it and a liver, - turns ethyl aldehyde into other, less harmful connections - acetic acid, and then into water and carbon dioxide.

And still which - what methods of fight against a hangover for centuries of alcoholism were developed. First of all, it is necessary... to have a snack. Yes, though it also sounds is banal. Greasy food greases walls of a stomach and slows down absorption of alcohol in blood. The part of alcohol is absorbed by food and also at a distant day comes to blood. Well potatoes, porridges, fat meat, fat slow down alcohol absorption.

As the result of it, speed of processing of ethyl aldehyde in harmless substances is equalized with a speed of its education from alcohol, and the hangover proceeds significantly easier.

If you have a snack on a jelly, a jellied fish or something similar, then your state is even more facilitated because these products contain substance glycine to which properties physicians for quite some time now paid attention. This substance promotes the accelerated ethyl aldehyde processing, and therefore is applied as a part of anti-hungover medicines. Recently began even to let out bespokhmelny vodka which part glycine is.

Sometimes advise for an hour - another till a feast to miss gram fifty. It you as if will prepare the organism for perception of high doses of alcohol and will reduce its harmful effects.

It is necessary to know also what to drink. It is necessary to prefer silent wines sparkling, white red, white vodka to color tinctures, whisky, brandy. Carbon dioxide of sparkling wines and color impurity promote development of a hungover syndrome. Give preference to easier drinks, during a feast you pass from low alcohol drinks to stronger, and not vice versa, never stir several diverse alcoholic drinks.

Well and if preventive measures did not help - you are treated. Thirst torments - drink, at least waters. Better - not aerated. And it is even better - a brine. Besides a thirst satisfying, it returns the washed-up salts and vitamins in an organism, restores and kislotno - alkaline balance.

Tea with honey - fine means for increase of level of glucose in blood. It is the best of all to bring toxins out of an organism sorbents. Also porridge will descend. For simplification of work of a brain it is necessary to accept 50 grams of vodka. It is no more. Well the beer glass helps, it is desirable, already exhausted.

Speed of processing of alcohol in an organism - size more or less stable. In three hours the dose equivalent to two glasses of beer, a glass of dry wine or 50 grams of vodka is processed. So if in an evening you drank gram of the 200th vodka, then you should not take the wheel still, at least, 10 - 12 hours.