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How to us a broom to break? Banning

without broom that a samovar without pipe.

Invariable attribute of the Russian bath - a broom. It is wrong to consider that the broom can be only birch. It can be both oak, and eucalyptus (it is a pity only that eucalyptuses at us do not grow). And even krapivny (here horror - that!) .

At each broom the features, the action. The oak broom perfectly masses skin, promotes lowering of arterial pressure. Eucalyptus - saturates air with essential oils, the throat, bronchial tubes, lungs cleans and treats. The Krapivny broom is irreplaceable at arthritises and radiculitises. Lime - possesses diuretic action, eliminates a headache, treats cold.

But the king of all brooms - birch. And it is just ridiculous not to mention it. It kills muscle and joints pains, clears skin of heat-spots and gnoynichok, treats wounds and grazes. And, above all, after a birch broom it is easily breathed. It promotes expansion of small bronchial tubes that facilitates allocation of a phlegm, improves ventilation of bronchial tubes. Such broom is irreplaceable for smokers and asthmatics.

So I will give a bath that to new brooms you will not forget. the Broom on a market you will not buy

. There he is extremely seldom. And here most to prepare it - as easy as shelling pears. It is only necessary to go far away from the city and highways to the wood, pure from radiation, and to break most.

For a broom young people " are necessary; fluffy branches length about a half a meter. Lesnoy bouquet it is necessary to tie up a rope and to chop off the excess ends. It is necessary to dry and store brooms in the dry and dark place, they do not love direct sunshine. It is desirable to put brooms horizontally that they took the flattened form.

The fresh broom before a bath is enough to be rinsed with warm water. The dry broom should be prepared in advance. On the eve of it it is necessary to wet in a bucket with cold water for half an hour, it is no more - so leaves will keep more strong. In bathing day it should be rinsed at first with warm water, and then to trouble in a basin with hot water (but not boiled water!) . Basin should be covered or other basin that the broom was in peculiar to a steam bath . Then the broom will become impregnated with moisture, will become soft and odorous.

In a bath the broom is more expensive than money.

As it is correct to b to work with a broom? Everyone does it in own way, but there are general rules. First of all, not to hurry. At first, without concerning a body broom, it is necessary to overtake for heat that is, the smooth movements to adjust to a body couple is more. Then slowly to carry out by a broom along a body from legs to the head. To clap slightly on all body, gradually strengthening blows. From time to time it is necessary to heat a broom, slightly shaking it in the top, hot part of a bath, and then to transfer this heat to a body, pressing a broom on two - three seconds to knees, a waist, back part of legs. And, at last, with all the heart to walk by each part of a body. It is possible to otkhlestat itself and most, but it is better if it is made for you by the good friend.

From there is conclusion: it is necessary to go to a bath with friends, with adherents. And as the bath weakens and adjusts on a philosophical harmony, in the company with friends it is good to sit in a restroom and, having slipped on a sheet, to enjoy a glass of beer or a glass of tea who that loves. And then to repeat calling a steam room.