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How killer whales hunt?

the Majority of killer whales are settled or resident the families preferring to hunt in the region, and most often on local species of fish. But is and nomadic or transit families, here those attack all live without analysis.

Their food - mainly warm-blooded. Including their immediate family is whales and dolphins. However, and they do not disdain a small fish. As production more cunning, and, often, is stronger than them, in the course more sophisticated methods of hunting. Their favourite hunting reception - using a land relief, to hide and hunt from an ambush. The ambush does not require many individuals therefore also families of nomadic killer whales small.

With small groups, as a rule, of three individuals, killer whales quietly creep to nothing to the suspecting victims. Most often, Pinnipedia are seals, eared seals, sea lions. Only one of killer whales attacks. The others join later, only if hunting works well. On hunting nomadic killer whales are silent not to frighten away very clever production, but attentively listen, catching passive noise. They differ in it from talkative settled killer whales.

Very colourfully hunting of killer whales for Pinnipedia directly on their rookeries looks. It is black - white multiton predators promptly are thrown out on beaches and push together the planned victims in the sea, and then with amazing quickness slide off in native elements. It is very risky thin operation, it is possible to remain forever ashore.

But killer whales know the business, are trained in it since the childhood. Their mothers for years specially train teenagers on lonely beaches, far from rookeries. And if the cub incidentally gets stuck ashore, his mother will surely jump out nearby and will get rid of the blunderer in water.

In polar waters of a killer whale often get production, sea lions and penguins, ramming the head ice. There were cases when the killer whale punched the head an ice floe in some meter from the frightened polar researchers, taking them for seals, but then, having come up, understood the mistake and did not touch. Or perhaps and not always understood, but then there was no witness left.

They trade and in the high sea. Hunt small and single dolphins of a killer whale alone, sometimes departing from the families on several miles, but again steadily coming back to them. And here on large packs of dolphins and on whales of a killer whale lean all in a crowd. As a pack of wolves, they seek to separate pack of the enemy, to drive away separate individuals, and then to deal shortly with them one by one.

When killer whales attack herd of cachalots, they, first of all, seek not to allow to them to dive. Alas, to them not to get cachalots at kilometer depths. And still these mighty and toothy giants are doomed. Especially, if in herd of cachalots there are cubs who are not able to dive. For the sake of children cachalots do not even think to escape, and the slaughter begins.

Here what picture was observed by recently scientific. Herd from nine cachalots, having caught sight of killer whales, queued up in a circle, the heads to the center and powerful tails outside. Having surrounded cachalots, several tens killer whales serially attacked giants, without granting it respites. Fight continued several hours. As soon as several exhausted cachalots decided to break through a fatal circle, they were separated from herd and torn to pieces.

One of methods of hunting of killer whales for whales, dolphins and Pinnipedia is in to allowing them to come up. They need to breathe too, and killer whales do not give.

As well as many predators, killer whales often kill much more production, than can eat. Having killed a cachalot, or other whale, killer whales do not eat it entirely, he is too great. They are gourmets, and often regale only on the most tasty: lips, throat, language. All the rest is left to sharks.

At a meeting with killer whales the most bright of sea inhabitants escape. Whales, dolphins, Pinnipedia in panic get away. People successfully use this circumstance for protection of fish grounds. So, fishermen of Japan during catching start the four-meter effigy of a killer whale which is continuously publishing the recorded signals in water. Dolphins avoid to hunt in these parts, and fishing networks remain untouched.