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How cure oranges? I do not know

how who, but at me has words " vitamin C; closely are associated with the word citrus . It is valid, difficult to find the fruit so rich with this vitamin. Judging by Jack London`s stories, a scurvy (the illness caused by a lack of vitamin C) it is the best of all to treat crude potato. Really, Europe got rid of terrible epidemics of plague as soon as in it began to cultivate potatoes.

However whether you know that one (!) orange according to contents it the most valuable substance replaces several kilograms of potato? And contains in other citruses of vitamin C as much, well unless, in tangerines it is slightly less. But in them there is more vitamin A. In citruses not only vitamins, but also other most valuable components - weight. These fruits contain a lot of iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium. About a lemon it is possible to tell that in it not only there is a lot of useful substances, but also their ratio is optimum. It as if is created for fight against indispositions.

Therefore lemons are panacea if not from all diseases, then for cold - precisely. They help to appease heat, satisfy thirst. A folk remedy from a headache - to put the lemon peel cleared of white pulp to temples. Lemons help to eliminate consequences from alcohol overconsumption. One, or even a half, the lemon crushed together with a peel in day significantly will facilitate course of a hypertension and diabetes.

Oranges do not lag behind lemons also. They normalize work of a stomach, relieve of locks. Scientists - nutritionists consider that on a complex of properties oranges have the rejuvenating effect on an organism.

The American doctor Frank Spayzer claims that plentiful consumption of citruses significantly improves work warmly - vascular system. Thanks to high content in them folic acid and potassium, citruses promote lowering of arterial pressure. And still. Consumption of citruses reduces risk of a disease of cancer - they contain many antioxidants. It is impossible to list all diseases which give in to a citrus, there is too much them. And the all-strengthening action of a citrus is undoubted.

Not only fruit, but also the juice received from them are useful. For example, orange juice shows anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antiallergic properties, interferes with formation of blood clots. And recently it became clear that juice of fresh oranges promotes decrease in cholesterol in blood.

Grapefruit juice normalizes work of intestines, liver and gall bladder. And the grapefruit eaten before going to bed will relieve you of sleeplessness.

In any case juice, even the Chinese physicians manage to use a dry peel of oranges with success for treatment not only cough and cold, but also malignant tumors of a mammary gland.

Beauty is a terrible force. Nobody will begin to deny that citruses not only are tasty and useful, but also are beautiful. And not incidentally they are used that also to become more beautiful. Everything is used - both pulp, and a peel, and juice. For example, grapefruit juice effectively bleaches freckles, juice of tangerine kills some fungi causing skin diseases. For cleaning of face skin tincture of orange-peels in mix of water and the vodka taken in the ratio 2:1 is good.