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Where it is possible to see a killer whale?

the best-known killer whale in the world called Keyko, in translation from Japanese - lucky . It was snared by a cub. It is heavy to live in bondage. And what to do? And Keyko began to work. At first he acted on to the " arena; an oceanarium in Mexico City, entertaining human cubs and adults too.

But the local pool was small and the heat in Mexico City did not give joy to the animal who got used to northern waters. Keyko got sick. To honor of people, many of them understood how poorly it is necessary Keyko, and insisted that he was placed in the acceptable conditions. So Keyko moved in a spacious oceanarium of the city of Newport on North - the West of the USA.

Exactly here Keyko achieved an international recognition, having acted as the main character in the whole series of pictures under the general name Release Willie . You remember how Willie effectively got freedom? One mighty jump it flew through a stone dam, and reached ocean open spaces. But it at cinema. And in life it only flew from one prison cell in another. Directly - Comedy of a high security .

Having served sentence in Newport, Keyko had to come back, to Mexico City. But the movie made the business - from now on Keyko`s destiny began to disturb the mass of people. Also was decided to give - Willie the real freedom, to send him to native waters near Iceland.

If everything was so simple! First of all, the government of Iceland opposed. It seriously was afraid that from bondage the killer whale will bring with herself the whole lots of diseases and parasites, will infect local fauna including free killer whales. Willie was examined with all assiduity. It is enough to tell that it was checked for existence by more than fifty pathogenic viruses - hardly anyone - or from people can brag of attention, so fixed to himself.

But there is more to come. Staying near white men Keyko forgot to hunt, lost scent and to provide it worthy existence at liberty, four years` adaptation in the room which is specially built for it was coming it. Otherwise it was expected by fast starvation.

And here, after twenty two years of bondage, Keyko was let out at coast of Iceland. And in four days it voluntarily returned to the shelter. Soon it was let out again, then he floated 1400 kilometers and located at coast of Norway. Found where to float! Norway - the only country of the world which government allows trade of whales for commercial purposes. Some time was lucky it.

But free Keyko could not get to himself food independently. But let even he was also learned to hunt - it would be unproductive hunting alone. Any family of killer whales did not accept it.

In fiords of Norway Keyko had a good time the fact that he competing in speed swam with bathers on beaches, allowed people to ride himself. He looked for communication with people. The authorities made the mass of efforts to constrain flow of curious public. Daily more than two hundred people besieged coast of the fiord.

It is it is unlikely so simple to see a killer whale in an oceanarium. It is so difficult to support them that they die one by one. And even if you learn that somewhere they are, then so far you will reach them, most likely, vyy will not find any more. But if the mountain cannot come to Magomet, then Magomet can come to the mountain. Kosatok is the best of all to observe in places of their dwelling.

If you reach in any way the city of Vancouver in British Columbia (Canada) or Seattle in the State of Washington (USA), then there you without effort will find tens of travel companies arranging trips to habitats of marine animals, whales, dolphins and killer whales. Some firms even guarantee that you can see killer whales with 100% probability.

Well, and you will not be able to see the lucky Keyko already in any way. He died at the end of 2003 of pneumonia. But died free.