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Cats of the city of St. Petersburg: Green robber

Kot Barsik lay on a case and read Young Murzik`s Sufferings - classical novel of the nineteenth century. There it was told about kitten drudgeries, nearly from the first days lost mother. And life showed to the kid the sharp teeth. And therefore when Murzik got to Xenophon Zhivoderov, he rejoiced. But alas! The comely old man was worse than butchers and janitors. It held a kitten half-starving and punished for the slightest fault.

Barsik reached a terrible scene: Murzik, having been tired to eat dry crusts, pulled down a sausage castor from a master`s table. Then Zhivoderov seized a kitten and began to rub with frenzy it a floor. As poloterny brush!

Further Barsik could not read. The lump rose at it to a throat. He closed eyes and began to worry. Experiences lasted long, probably, minutes ten. Barsik would worry further, but here in his experiences some foreign sound was screwed in. Sparrows, perhaps? - angrily Barsik thought. It did not naperezhivatsya yet.

The sound proceeded. Barsik listened. No, it is not sparrows. From where in the storeroom sparrows? Then who? Mice? Too it is excluded. The only mouse dozed on a blue rug near a system box of the computer.

Barsik jumped off from a case and jumped out in a corridor. And, here it that! Wind opened the balcony door, and some impudent crow, or perhaps and an impudent seagull made invasion into others apartment. Here everything was clear. But how the storeroom door opened? Even to Barsik, jumping on the handle, it was not always possible to open this door.

Barsik crept up to a storeroom door, glanced inside and was stupefied. Hung on the shifted curtain the little green alien also with might and main rummaged on regiments. As at home!

To speak with it words it was useless - all the same will not understand.

- Forgive, you the planet mistook? - telepathic Barsik asked. - Or galaxy?

- Stop up a mouth, four-footed! - telepathic the alien answered.

Barsik did not suffer rudeness, even from representatives of other civilizations. And in general, who could think that contact of the third sort will be similar to dismantling from ordinary gangster series?

- Immediately clear off from our apartment! - having bristled up, Barsik protelepatirovat.

- I to you will tear off a tail now, - the uninvited guest telepathic promised.

In one of fantastic novels Barsik read how the civilization of reasonable lizards was ruined by ordinary ginger. They smelled it and lost reason. Barsik had no time for thoughts and experiments. He grabbed an aerosol barrel with a deodorant Forest nymph teeth opened a cover and rushed to the storeroom.

If the alien was behind bulbs (you never know, the in flight fused) or even behind an old master`s drill (holes in another dimension to twirl), Barsik not especially would be surprised. But he did not expect in any way to see in hands at vtorzhenets an untouched box with Royal cat .

On the one hand, Barsik quite assumed that such tasty piece can och - chen even it to be pleasant not only to cats, but also green humanoids. With another - it, Barsik, not such and greedy. Perhaps very much even kind if it is polite to ask it, on - kotovy. Would tell: supplies came to an end, made an emergency landing and I ask about the help. And when here so as it was told in old times - like the Tat night . The thief, means.

In vain Barsik pressed on the barrel button - the terrestrial deodorant did not take the alien thief. Having clamped a box with Royal cat and still ignoring Barsik, the alien came to a balcony. Barsik rushed afterwards. The green humanoid, pressing one hand the stolen box, another grasped a rope ladder. Barsik, having dropped Forest nymph rushed afterwards.

- You will not leave! - Barsik began to roar and seized to the alien a leg.

Possibly, that time because the humanoid, desperately jerking a leg propped up, continued to clamber up. Though as any cat respecting himself, Barsik did not love comparison with dogs, now it hung on an alien leg not worse than a pit bull terrier. Hung, being shaken at height of the eighteenth floor and every second risking the Kotova life.

When they came to be on a roof, the humanoid made the strange sound similar to a file gnash on glass. In an UFO that stood at the roof edge (the plate, by the way, too was green color), the hatch opened. It is a little more, and the alien robber will disappear in space together with Royal cat . To it remained - to unhook a real trifle from Barsik`s leg that he also made, having hit courageous it is black - a white cat an electric discharge.

Before Barsik`s eyes, precisely on the screen of the enraged computer, zaplyasat multi-colored letters and figures. In ears tens of cats and cats began to mew. Barsik with the last bit of strength clung to the dying-away consciousness. Let this impudent space terrorist be stronger, let Royal cat not to return any more, but all the same it is impossible to allow it to depart just like that. Eventually, it is a point of honor.

Nearby the stick (on roofs always something rolls) rolled. Barsik grabbed a stick and from the last Kotov of forces began to thrash on green walls of an UFO. Unexpectedly to it in a nose the stream of smelly green gas struck, and the world around ceased to exist.


When Barsik regained consciousness, the harmful plate already departed. Nearby the stick broken in chips and a small green ball rolled. Aha, Barsik was delighted. It bent down better to make out a trophy, but wind blew here and the ball swept directly in an opening of a livnestok.

- There to it it is also expensive, - Barsik told and began to go down on the rope ladder forgotten by the alien.

*** to you is interesting to

, cht ó was then? Not to overload the story with drama events, I will lower a scene of an explanation of Barsik with owners concerning disappearance Royal cat . Most of all they were perplexed where their cat - the glutton hid an empty box. Having decided that it dumped a box from a balcony, Barsik was pulled by ears. Moreover, to an innocent cat declared that from now on he will be fed with " sausage; Student`s which even not all students eat.

There was a rain at night. Barsik lay on a case and reflected on injustice of the human race. To find out that to what, to listen - at once for ears! That you choked with this box - Barsik thought, and at once it became easier for him. Probably, the thief - the alien will not calm down, will not knead all box yet. This green monkey is obviously not able to read in Russian, and therefore does not learn that the forage needs to be washed down with water. Perhaps they do not drink water at all. And here then in its green paunch it will begin!

Barsik blinked and presented how the alien grabbed a stomach and rides on all plate. To it any more not before control of devices. The plate, by itself, goes off-course and pryamekhonko flies to the next black hole.

Barsik fell asleep with this pleasant and soothing thought.