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How to organize a party? Way to success.

Will be a question that abroad our immense Homeland garden party, and in our corner of the world &ndash is called; country party. Hard in the doctrine - easily in fight. We begin a course of the young fighter.

So to organize a party, the occasion is necessary for . As they say, the booze without organizational part loses the educational value. Perfectly birthdays, thesis defense, completion of session, bachelor parties (hen nights) etc. approach. And if soon significant events are not planned, and there is a strong wish for a holiday? The answer arises by itself. This occasion should be organized. For example, reunion (classmates), opening of a swimming season, bathing day, exit viewing of the FIFA World Cup etc.

Experience confirms that the best parties take place spontaneously, however, in order to avoid undesirable consequences, it is necessary to provide some the key moments .

1. Enough strong drinks and livelihood. In the presence of sober drivers of such problem it is not observed, otherwise communication with the valorous staff of traffic police can fairly spoil to you mood.

2. Children. The best exit - absence of children on it life holiday. Remember existence of grandmothers, grandfathers, friends - girlfriends, for certain though someone will agree to keep the company to your child. The good party with children - separate subject and almost art.

3. Neighbors. Unfortunately, and outdoors from them not to get to anywhere. Envy - bad feeling. It pushes these kind people to come to you to the heat of fun and to demand silence and rest. That evening did not end so disgracefully, do not tempt destiny and warn them in advance.

4. Berths. Everything is elementary. Make the list of invited, count quantity of sofa beds and other surfaces, suitable for dream. The balance did not meet? Remember folding beds, air beds and mattresses.

5. Disposable tableware. You consider, it is not beautiful and it is not esthetic? And I think that in the dead of night upon termination of a banquet you will least of all want to wash the dishes.

So, we stocked up with provisions and folding beds, attached children in good hands, neighbors in a hurry leave a battlefield. Now we create the atmosphere of a holiday . Here everything depends on the occasion chosen by you. Balloons, beautiful napkins, fresh flowers will approach. Unpack and hang out small posters with ridiculous aphorisms. Petards and Bengal lights are good not only for New year.

Try to turn the giving into the town. Now all your paths and lawns turn into streets, boulevards, avenues, avenues and the areas. Do not forget to appropriate them names of especially outstanding persons, guests will estimate it on - to advantage.

In advance it is worth taking care of musical registration for dances, a feast and simply for a background . Popular wisdom: the more at you alcohol, the dances are more vigorous. It will allow to keep courage for a long time. As a result, it is necessary to prepare a dancing.

It is time to pass to the main part. The people demand of bread and shows . Gathered, greeted - got acquainted, drank - have a snack. Bread is provided to guests and not to get stuck on drank - have a snack think of shows in advance.

Of course, everything depends on public. If each of your guests - the person - an orchestra, it is possible to relax. And if is not present? Look on the Internet for competitions and games for parties. What you will find, at first sight, complete nonsense. However, in practice already become cheerful guests with pleasure take part in it. You remember, activity should be encouraged valuable prizes and gifts.

Most important - it is more than of naturalness and ease . Arrange from make-shifts a masquerade, bullfight, beauty contests, the firing championship from the pneumatic gun or onions, golf competition etc. Let`s clear up the imagination! You did not forget? What is not removed - that was not! Surely capture with yourself the camera or a video camera! There will be one more occasion to gather together and to look that you uchudit.

Try, involve as much as possible guests in creative process, you will surely be pleasant and will want to repeat.