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How to overcome difficulties?

In life of each of us happen certain difficulties sooner or later. And that to overcome them, it is necessary to have very great patience and will power. And, above all is to learn to live with these difficulties as the person is not able to overcome each barrier on the way.

Therefore it is necessary to know that life is, first of all, what happens to you at present, and no more than that. That is, that moment which you read this line and was your life this second.

Better to understand what I want to explain to you imagine such picture: Monday, morning, you wake up in the bed and continue to lie. At the same time you understand that it is necessary to rise, have breakfast, put on and to go to work. You can even represent yourself how you will do it, but so far - continue to lie. Looking at the watch, you say to yourself that until the second hand reaches the end of the dial, you will not get out of a bed. You continue to lie, and your brain understands that in only several seconds you should rise and go to work, but so far you lie. And these seconds which you lie and you think of the future - and are your life.

Then, of course, you should rise and go to work, and it will become your life. But so far all this in the future, and life is the present.

Some consider that the past strongly influences present time. But it not so, the past influences your consciousness which you can use then for distortion present, but not on your life in any way. It is influenced only with what happens to you at present.

On a simple question - and what all this is related to difficulties? there is not less simple answer - direct.

Our fears do not allow to make to us what we consider correct as at once there is a question - and what will be then? . I for some reason have at once quite terrible answer - and nothing will be. From where you took that it then will come? You do not know the future, do not even know whether there will come this future.

To be able to think and assess a situation from the point of view of the present it is very useful at the solution of important questions. Such spontaneous solution of problems allows the person to act on the level of the instincts which now almost nobody uses.

Of course, ability to think analytically is very important too. But I would tell that it is important in the theory, and in practice everything looks much more simply. The person makes the decision, and then itself is surprised - how I could act this way? . But, most often it turns out that this decision and was the most true at that moment.

And what to do if on your way there is a barrier which you will not be able to overcome? Whatever it happened, it is necessary to be able to reconcile to it and not to blame itself for the acts, not to think, what would happen if I arrived differently? . All the same you will not change the past. But it does not mean that the defeats need to be perceived as due. From each mistake it is necessary to draw the corresponding conclusions.

If a barrier ahead, then just do not think of it. What sense to think of it, time to you all the same not to overcome it? Understand that it is possible to live, without thinking of the problems, - it significantly facilitates your life, helps to relax and have a rest. If constantly to think about bad, then it surely happens. And good - never, you think even of it. So you learn to live for

for today and to trust in the best, otherwise you will be just bitten to death by evil thoughts. And tomorrow - will be only tomorrow.