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Cats of the city of St. Petersburg: Flight in reality

were persistently made up Summer by the. The red cat Dusik lay on a balcony in a master`s chaise lounge, crackled Friskas also enjoyed life.

- Went to library, met Murki, - Dusik gruffishly sang.

- It that for criminal romanticism? - the dissatisfied voice of a cat of Alice was heard from the lower balcony.

- It, dear pussycat - Alice, not criminal romanticism, but the documentary narration about a meeting with two Murkami. One of the third front door, the second - from " shop; Happiness Web .

- And what your rendezvous came to an end in? - with demonstrative indifference the pussycat - Alice asked.

- And it already, kind Alice, not your cat`s business, - Dusik answered and tightened: - On Tau - the Cat of a condition not those, there Friskasa is not present also in mention.

- Faugh what prosaicness, - hissed Alice. - Any flight.

- I am not a balloon to fly.

- Of course, you are not a ball. And not the Jolly-boat. In total - navsy Dusik. To you in general to fly it is weak ó.


Reasonable part of the Dusikovy personality urged it to wave a tail on provocation of the pussycat - Alice and to continue to enjoy life. But other part which sometimes got in it the best, urged to become reckless again - an enthusiastic kitten and to feel the world full of the concerning secrets. And whether the sun burned, whether by Earth some comet flew by again Only Dusik from a balcony of the fifth floor jumped. And as he was not a bird, povinuyas to laws of terrestrial inclination, began to fall with acceleration ten meters per second down in a second.

Whether it is necessary to say that before it all his short life rushed, and he did not even manage to ask for owners of forgiveness for all small, average and large dirty tricks caused of

- Here and the end, - Dusik whispered.

But it was not the end. It was the spontaneous a lot of garbage.


And in clever books write - the tunnel has to be also light " there; - Dusik remembered.

The tunnel for some reason was hammered unclear with what. Desperately working paws, Dusik began to make the way to light. And light really appeared. Dusik sneezed from a ray of sunlight, and then saw the house, a native balcony and a balcony of the fourth floor on which the pussycat - Alice sat and stared the green eyes.

- Well, it is weak ó to me to fly? - Dusik asked.

- Of course, it is weak ó. So each cobble-stone can fly.

- And how I will get home now? - Dusik asked a burning question.

- And this not my cat`s business, - the pussycat - Alice bit.


proceeded Summer day. Still the sun shone and the sky became blue. Still in the sky birds and even flies soared. But it did not please Dusik. Even the successful landing from the fifth floor costing it all - navsy nose scratches even it did not please him.

- A cat given rise, cannot fly, - Dusik gloomy made a purring sound.

To the sky it was far. And not only to the sky. To the apartment - too. In addition on a street door put absolutely kotovreditelsky device recently - the digital lock with buttons. And then, well, there will be it on a ladder. And further? And further it is necessary to sit on a window sill of the fourth and a half the floor and to wait for owners. All right, it still can be born. But how to explain to them why it appeared here? Occupation is hopeless. All the same will not believe. This is Dusik knew from experience.

Perhaps, in some other day, not so much magnificent, this history would terminate very drama. But today the destiny again smiled to Dusik. The door of a front door was open. Dusik on a window sill of the fourth and a half the floor as the destiny smiled to it for the third time did not manage to be attached. The neighboring apartment left the kindest woman Maksimovn`s Olympic Games. Having seen Dusik, it splashed chubby handles.

- A cat you are my poor. What, ran out again when they left?

Dusik jumped off from a window sill, ran up to the kindest woman and honestly represented that so it also is.

- How many time told them: You at least looked, houses a cat or not . And to them all on a drum.

Dusik made absolutely compassionate muzzle, showing that to owners his destiny not only on a drum, but even on a char-a-banc and a bowling alley.

The cats at Maksimovna`s Olympic Games were not because of an allergy to wool, but it, than could, helped strangers.

- We will go, Dusinka. Now we will think up something.


Who was never a cat and did not fly from the fifth floor, will hardly manage to estimate the miracle made by the Olympic Games Maksimovna. Having found in the storeroom for two ancient bamboo rods of the husband and the same ancient grid - a string-bag, the kotospasitelnitsa fastened both rods, tied to them a string-bag and Dusika put there. Groaning and being dripping with sweat, Maksimovn`s Olympic Games began to move order the bent rods in the direction of Dusikov of a balcony to which there were nearly two meters. Hardly the grid adjoined to lattice rods, Dusik jumped out on a native balcony from where went half an hour ago in weeds.

- Some are lucky, - was heard from below. - And they even forget to tell thanks.

Here the pussycat - Alice was right: he also really forgot to thank the Olympic Games Maksimovna. Alas, his rescuer already disappeared from a balcony. Of course, it would be possible to call it, but why to frighten good people? And Dusik did not have other how to continue pleasure by life. It stretched in a chaise lounge again and zamurlykat:

- The cat is able even to fly on the sky if nearby turns up kotolyot.