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Cats of the city of St. Petersburg: “ Barsik, Dusik and Einstein`s task “

- What you do? - asked it is black - a white cat Barsik, comfortably having been arranged near phone directly on a master`s desk.

- I enjoy absence of owners, - the red cat Dusik who sprawled on the scanner not less comfortably answered.

- I too. Not without reason great Moore Thomas spoke: “ The Highest virtue of the person - not to prevent to live to the cat “.

- Gold words, - Dusik yawned. - However, sometimes even an opportunity to shake on curtains does not rescue from boredom.

- I can rescue, - Barsik offered. - You want food for mind?

- Thanks, - Dusik sniffed, watching a fly who the live cursor moved on the monitor screen. Again some ravings it seems “ At what temperature the philosophers` stone turns into “Wiskas“ “?

- No. This time - an ancient logical task. It at the very beginning of the last century was thought up by Einstein. Also assured that ninety eight percent of people are not able this task to solve. Though everything is simple how the fat-free kefir.

- Give, - Dusik quickened. - I will catch then a fly.

- Then listen attentively … There are five houses.

- What form of ownership? - Dusik asked.

- For a logical task it is unimportant, - Barsik told. - I repeat: there are five houses. Each of them is entirely painted in some one color: white, red, blue, green and yellow. In everyone there lives only one person: Englishman, German, Swede, Dane and Norwegian.

- It is good that at the time of Einstein there was no European Union, - Dusik noticed.

- You again with the socially - political comments? - Barsik roared. - Same a logical task, to some extent - area of pure abstraction.

- And the dirty abstraction happens? - fondly Dusik asked.

- I from your ostroumnost sometimes want to tear up wall-paper, - Barsik admitted.

- All right, any more I will not be, - Dusik whom the fly who appeared a wasp nearly stung in a nose promised. - I listen and vnemlyu. Or I listen.

- And so, each of these five drinks only some one type of liquid, smokes one brand of cigarettes … I precede your foolish questions: Einstein`s views concerning a healthy lifestyle are unknown to me. I state you a task in author`s, so to speak, option … Again lost thought. About drinks told, about cigarettes - too. And still. Each of them holds …

- the Cat! - joyfully Dusik interrupted.

- No! - Barsik shouted. - The cat is held only by one person. At other four other living creatures are found. Key question: who holds a small fish?

- It is known who, - Dusik answered. - Who has an aquarium, that also holds.

- I appreciate your wisdom, - Barsik told. - And now take - paper and write down some hints.

Here that is known of these people:

1. The Englishman lives in the red house.

2. The Swede holds a dog.

3. The Dane drinks tea.

4. The green house - to the left of white and …

5. … his resident drinks coffee.

6. The smoker of Pall Mall holds a birdie.

7. The resident of the house which is in the middle drinks milk.

8. The resident of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.

9. The Norwegian lives in the first house.

10. The smoker of Marlboro lives near the owner of a cat.

11. The owner of a horse lives near the smoker of Dunhill.

12. The smoker of Winfield drinks beer.

13. The house of the Norwegian - near the blue house.

14. The German smokes Rothmans.

15. The smoker of Marlboro lives near the one who drinks water.

Dusik hung up, jumped off from the scanner and for convenience of reasonings built on the master`s computer here such table:

It is necessary to tell that Dusik quickly enough coped with Einstein`s task, verified the answer with Barsik, again settled on the scanner and zamurlykat the favourite song: “ And even the sun would not rise when there would be no me “.

It is also necessary to tell that Barsik pleased with progress of the friend ran in a corridor and created rare beauty a pirouette (for what received from owners the next serious prevention concerning defragmentation of wall-paper subsequently).

So all - who holds a small fish? Or since the time of Einstein the percent remained the same? And it is valid, everything is very simple. As the fat-free kefir.