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Cats of the city of St. Petersburg: Seven troubles - one Reset


live In the city of St. Petersburg not only many remarkable people. Here lives at all not less (or perhaps and any more) remarkable cats and cats. Five absolutely reliable stories from life of two Petersburg cats bring to attention readers: red Dusik it is also black - white Barsik.

As often happens at remarkable people and remarkable cats, the early childhood both of them was heavy. But the subsequent life brought down on them so many benefits that both of them about forgive, I somewhere not there came around. I will begin - better one after another.

Barsik belongs to breed is black - white cats (and persistently demands its allocation in an independent type of Kot barsikovidny ). It - from those box kittens that often balance between life and early death. First Barsik balanced too until the regional veterinary clinic saved his young life then he began to teeter on the brink of patience of owners Forgive, I again somewhere not there turned. Well, you will think, jumps on wall-paper in a corridor. Same to you not chemical experiments in the storeroom. But then, as they say in one old children`s rhyme, he became a clever cat . It also remains.

Dusik - from breed of red cats whom most often for some reason call Vaskami. Unlike Barsik brought to the house Dusik himself was on a threshold of the master`s apartment, having decided that for entire happiness these people lack a cat. Here - that there was also some strangeness: Dusik was considered a cat and named Dusya. But soon the hozyaykina mother who arrived to stay for a while unmistakably defined in it a cat. It was necessary to remake hastily a name on Dusik.

Five of absolutely true stories brought to your attention - only small part from life of Barsik and Dusik rich with different events. Of course, it is a drop in the ocean in comparison with their websites in the World Kotova the CatNet Networks. But the password for an entrance there such that still any human hacker did not manage to crack it. Therefore it is better not to spend time, and to read available, as they say, in an open format.



Once Dusik and Barsik to have a rest from the Kotov of works, went to walk on the Summer garden. It is a shame to live in the cultural capital and at least once a year not to visit this especially cultural oasis.

There are they on a path, look at statues and carry on conversation appropriate. Especially cultural, means. Argue on what keyboard Pushkin would prefer to write Eugene Onegin . Met that on wireless that did not prevent the great poet to walk up and down backwards - forward in search of the best rhyme.

At this time from the next bushes on a path the unclear subject of gray color was rolled out and stiffened.

- The new device is revealed, - Dusik told.

- It is necessary to identify, - Barsik picked up.

Two couples of skilled Kotov of the eyes directly connected to skilled Kotov brains quickly found out that before them - a new sample of a wireless mouse.

- SuperIntelliMouse, - Dusik adoring all new enthusiastically said.

- So, - more skeptical Barsik zaurchat. - Super - that super and something I you, a myshar, plainly will not understand. Let`s argue. Two infrared inputs - still to and fro. It is visible, for reliability. But why keys in different directions stick out? Try - to press them the whole day!

- Or perhaps it is touch? - Dusik assumed. - Slightly you will touch - and the impulse went.

- Here in general it is full of riddles, - Barsik thoughtfully told. - Look if the main sensor at it behind why then also lobbies are necessary?

- And if it is moustaches? - Dusik made a hypothesis.

- Do not tell nonsenses. Moustaches happen only at cats, some people and still - at strawberry.

- And why it ceased to move? - too Dusik was surprised. - The accumulator sat down, perhaps? And for some reason just before us.

- Give - all of us - we will test it, - Barsik offered. - Never before worked with touch mice.

He bent down and pressed the left key of a mouse. And here

the Mouse angrily sparkled infrared entrances, bit Barsik for a nose and disappeared in bushes. From surprise Barsik was tumbled down on a back, zadrygat all paws and calmed down.

Dusik long went around the friend and tried to find out nature of lag. Then sighed, scratched the red nape and told:

- Seven troubles - one Reset, - then with a force pulled Barsik a tail.

Barsik successfully rebooted and opened eyes.

- What with me was? - went crazy he asked.

- And you do not remember? - carefully Dusik took an interest.

- If remembered, did not ask.

- So, trifles. A small sunstroke, - Dusik who was not wishing to injure mentality of the friend told lies.

And they hurried on houses because the gray clouds since morning hanging over the Summer garden threatened here - to spill here a serious rain.