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Why the past prevails over the present?

Any read saying are generated by a stream of thoughts.

We never live in the present, everything only we anticipate the future and we hurry him as if it is late, or we call the past and we try to return it as if it left too early. We are so unreasonable that we wander in time which is not belonging to us, neglecting that only thing which is given us, are already vain that we dream of disappeared, forgetting about the only thing which exists.

And the matter is that the present is almost always burdensome. When it grieves us, we try to close to it eyes and when pleases, - we grieve that it escapes. We endeavor to prolong it by means of the future, we try to dispose of the fact that not in our power though we, perhaps, and will fall short the future before. Rummage in the thoughts, and you will find in them only the past and the future. We almost do not think of the present and if we think, then in hope that it will prompt to us as it is more reasonable to arrange the future.

We never limit ourselves in the afternoon: the present and the past only means, the only purpose - the future. Here also it turns out that we never live, and we only want to live and, hoping for luck, so never and we find it

These words belong to the French thinker Blaise Pascal. As it is truly told. Really, the future is impossible without the present. The main thing not to be given to circumstances and to continue to hope for the best. The person with stale soul is not the Person any more.

And still why we hurry to live? Why the past is so strong over the present and it is much more pleasant to us to think of the past, than of the present?

Probably, some role in it is played by our curiosity. The person is so arranged that he cannot wait to learn quicker that he waits for it there, ahead, behind the next turn of life, often without thinking of what will be the future.

The future for some reason almost always seems some light, promising, happy It is visible, force of fairy tales is big. It from there, from the far childhood. It is enough to remember the picture representing little Pushkin who, having propped up a hand a chin, greedy listens to fairy tales of the grandmother Arina Rodionovna And at once everything becomes clear.

And what present? The present - vanity of vanities. Eternally some problems.

Disorder. Getting of a daily bread. Daily bustle on shops in search of low cost. And damnations, damnations to the powers that be.

The present is still the broken love. The shattered hopes. Bitter disappointments. Unrealizability something the most intimate. Loss of darlings, friends. Leaving in. Unwillingness to live

the Present - drug addiction, senseless war in Chechnya, a rise in crime, lawlessness and bureaucracy, in vain sgublenny destinies, natural cataclysms Severe truth of today.

Subjective relation. I do not argue. Though you should not dismiss in what now time all of us live What there can be hopes for the future here? Yes thanks to dull politicians yes to officials to the country not to recover from the crisis which captured all standards of living for a long time. Therefore memories of the past when everything was more - less when life did not seem such heavy, severe, unpromising and senseless are so strong.

Does not leave feeling of fast approach of the Doomsday...

And still we continue to live. Why? Yes all because, despite everything, life is fine! It is worth living Here only creation, beauty, love, mutual understanding, kindness, mercy have to be the main thing in life! Then, of course, and the future will be such what want − light and reliable. Everything depends on ourselves, we are owners of the life, the future.