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When disability not a barrier?

Disability are represented by a social phenomenon which any society cannot avoid. It is not necessary to doubt it when you address statistical data. The figures which are simply terrifying. So, according to the UN, in the world there are about about 500 million people with violations of mental and physical development. It makes 1/10 parts of inhabitants of our planet. In Sverdlovsk region, for example, the number of disabled people reached a point of 400 thousand (7% of the population!) . It besides that many want to lead active lifestyle, to be full-fledged members of society. Therefore the problem socially - physical rehabilitation of physically disabled people continues to be very sharp today.

On radio and the TV, in mass media it is much told and written about self-affirmation of physically disabled people - a matter of course. But how it is given? Only through work, creativity and sport! When the disabled person is engaged in some business (embroidery, drawing etc.) or the same sport, it forgets about the difficult situation and any adversities. Work, creativity and sport strengthen self-confidence, in life, in people. And you feel this real happiness when you lead full-fledged life not superfluous in society, not his dependent.

It is heavy and the fate of disabled people is in many respects unhappy. Many are for life confined by diseases to a bed or carriages. All life they should fight for themselves. It also is clear: to reveal itself, to develop in itself what is given by the nature - such is a moral duty of the person. Of course, someone does not maintain and commits suicide or till last day drag gray, senseless existence. But, fortunately, there are also those who, despite everything, on any difficulties, thanks to sport, persistence and commitment find the worthy place in life. Elena Kivilyova and Lyudmila Bykova, the example declared publicly that disabled people are people too also treat the last just, and they are capable of a lot of things. The main thing - not to disturb them, and to render universal assistance.

Elena Kivilyova since the childhood is deprived of normal, physical health. The orphanage became for it a home. Misunderstanding, sneers of peers - a bitter bowl of memoirs. Kamensk-Uralsky house - a boarding school became a result. Too not the fairy tale, is not enough what good too. Cardinal changes in life by E. Kivilyova happened when Anastasia and Pavel Suvorov persuaded her to play the most rare at us in the country sports powerlifting (a bar raising in a prone position).

Hardly everything was given. Daily trainings. Over time it was not necessary to be considered. Hands hurt, did not wish to lift a bar. There was not enough sport stock. Fruit, vegetables, juice were in deficiency. And still the miracle came true: having shown courage, sports character, Elena became the champion of Russia. Now main part of problems behind. The standard bar is acquired. Living conditions are improved, E. Kivilyova lives in the certain room. The question with additional food is positively solved. All this could not but favorably affect further achievements of the talented sportswoman.

In 2003 on the championship of Europe which passed in Bratislava (Slovakia) the bar weighing 77,5 kg obeyed Elena that allowed it to become the bronze prize-winner and to acquire the right to speak at any international competitions. She is a four-time champion of championships of Russia and Sverdlovsk region. The personal record - 95 kg is set already up. It really speaks about much.

At Lyudmila Bykova the destiny was not easier at all. Since small years it is chained by an illness to a wheelchair. The childhood passed in orphanage, in sanatorium. Then here - Kamensk-Uralsky house - a boarding school in which lives from the first day of its opening - 40 years. Worked in a flower workshop. Took the most active part in public life of the house - a boarding school, was responsible for release of the wall newspaper.

One of favourite Lyudmiliny hobbies - a macrame. You look at its needlework - and you wonder: the rich imagination, a fine feeling, ability to embody conceived. Of course, skilled worker by nature. Not for nothing at the competitions Skilful hands L. Bykova repeatedly won first place for what it was awarded with diplomas and memorable prizes.

Among other things, Lyudmila writes verses. She is a participant of a city poetic competition, became his winner three times. Its verses were published in poetic collections, in the city and regional press more than once.

There were enough problems too. Not surprisingly. Every day everything brings new and new problems. How many them in the disabled person`s life, apparently, all life only also consists of them. For whatever undertook, always with special awe you think and whether your forces will be enough to finish the begun business what with this business there can be still problems and how to overcome them? Nobody can feel more sharply all problems of life, than the disabled person, he should face them every minute.

In life of the disabled person there are more adversities, than pleasure. Also Elena Kivilyova with Lyudmila Bykova did not become an exception. However they did not become reserved, to them it is pleasant to talk about something. Do not lose courage, diseases do not give in and try to lead interesting and full-fledged life. On examples of such people you are convinced that it is not still lost that it is worth living nevertheless. The person will have a strong will, - he will surely achieve everything. The will throws down a challenge to destiny. And in life it is necessary to overcome everything courageously. Painfully, it not easy is given. But through work, creativity, sport the pleasure to life is also learned. These are not mere words.

Lyudmila had a depression period when there was no wish to see at all anybody when life lost any meaning. But once she incidentally glanced to the gym, saw how people play table tennis. And suddenly became interested. Decided to try. Found support in the trainer P. Suvorov. Became daily on two - three hours to be engaged in table tennis. Progress did not keep themselves waiting long: in 2004 at sports competitions among disabled people of Sverdlovsk region of L. Bykov in 56 years (!) not only showed quite good results on the sum of the general points, but also on pleasure of the trainer and friends on command became the winner, having won first place on table tennis. The sports baptism cured of a depression at all, strengthened desire to live, communicate, get new friends. Sport - an exit from the ailing shell on people.

Today Lyudmila Bykova already two-time champion of area in table tennis...

The given higher than two destinies make it clear that sport once again is one of fixed assets of self-affirmation and socially - physical rehabilitation of disabled people.