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Why Thomas Robert Malthus was called the first demographer?

are on February 14 not only the St. Valentine`s Day, but also date of birth of the Reverend Thomas Malthus. It was born in a family of the English odd fellow Daniel Malthus. But even, if you also did not hear anything about these sons of the English people, you, for certain remember the first horror story read to you by the grandmother (mother, the little sister) in the childhood: Wolves from a fright ate with each other . Author Tarakanishcha for certain, he was familiar with Malthus`s ideas that if not to control birth rate on Earth, then people, having bred to incredible limits, by all means will eat with each other.

Speak, like father like son. Daniel was known all around the Counties of Surrey for the strange views. Instead of to squeeze out the last " juice; from the peasants and to give balls apropos and without cause, he not only read much, trying to learn all known sciences, but also even corresponded with the great English philosopher David Yum and even more famous French educator of Jeanne Jacques Rousseau. I do not know which of these geniuses wised up Malthus - the senior, but when there was a need to employ the teacher for the son, he did not begin to waste the talents on trifles, and invited the brightest local star - the rector of local college. Its example - other science: if you want that your child remained in the history, then do not save funds for his training from young nails. In any case, the kid Thomas came to Cambridge which is in two steps from a native home, as they say, without straining.

Pupils of Cambridge treated the new student very watchfully. But ice of mistrust thawed very quickly - Thomas differed in tenacious memory that allowed it to be the first pupil in development of foreign languages, in the fan of a tsifira (what he immediately received the nickname " for; " Counter;) and the ringleader in all sporting events. Shot if not to a squirrel at an eye, then very decently.

No wonder that under Malthus`s charm even teachers got. They had no objection to leave Tomasa in this prestigious educational institution and after the end of study. But it had one nedostatochek: Thomas since the childhood suffered from defect of the speech from - for the fact that he was born with a cleft lip.

And further there was what in the Soviet literature is called a recruitment method. Or being put into words one of heroes Ilf and Petrov, priests enchant Kozlevich . Malthus was fond of ideas of Catholicism and even received modest rural arrival. And here the destiny suited the first click in the head of future theorist of demography: this arrival for long years was a champion for foggy Albion at rates of an increase in population. And inquisitive Thomas in hands tried to deal with figures in what here the dog is buried.

The father helped, as always. Once he tried to drum to the scientific son that it has a fine opportunity to construct perfect society what it is imagined by Jean Jacques Rousseau. But Thomas respectful hitherto suddenly rose: what there the made society? Yes if it breeds further as rabbits, to us after a while, sorry, it is necessary to pass to crickets and cockroaches, there will be no normal food left by then.

Daniel became puzzled of such pressure a little, but then suggested the son to prove everything by means of calculations. It was the hour of triumph " Counter; - in a few minutes several sheets of paper were covered with a ligature of figures. The father received a mat in two courses and suggested the son to print this interesting work, having taken as speak in Odessa, expenses all at a rate of a half .

However, in 1798, when the book under the name Experience about the law of the population and on how it influences future improvement of society, with remarks concerning ideas of - on Godwin, the marquis de Condorcet and other authors was born, the people did not recognize the hero. Thomas fell into a tickler: as the pastor it could not forbid the flock to propagate and breed but as the citizen, could not remain indifferent to the fact that this process accepts the enormous sizes.

However, the author wanted for the people only the benefit. I will remind that England at a turn of the 18th and 19th centuries represented. The era of invention and rapid growth of the industry left without means of support huge group of hired workers who not fitted in in new realities. And here still the crop failure of 1795, products of prime necessity jumped up in the price many times (than not Russia at a turn of the 20th and 21st century?) . In London workers stopped the royal carriage and demanded: Bread! Bread! Bread!

was necessary an exit. And Malthus offered it!

However, it at that time did not need anything. Moreover, lived happily, and travel across Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia - the best for that confirmation.

Malthus`s ideas got a ready response not only at British. All to whom it seemed that the quantity " is guilty of everything; extra mouths to feed right there picked up idea contraceptions . And his opponents remained nothing, except blooming of various rumors. In at one time in Europe the baize about what the spouse presented to Thomas Malthus of 11 daughters walked! Like, therefore the Reverend also rages!

All this there were inventions because Malthus, actually, had only three children. However, and here confusion: one say that two son and the daughter, others insist that the boy was one, and girls two. But anyway, both sons, having married, outdid the father, i.e. had no children, and the daughter, according to biographers, died in 17 - summer age, without having tested pleasure of motherhood.

To similar volume as Decembrists in Russia woke Herzen, Thomas Malthus in England woke Charles Darwin. Here excerpt from its diary: I saw at Malthus`s reading about populations that natural selection will be inevitable result of rapid growth of number of all living beings... .

Can be assumed safely if not ideas of Malthus, the mankind never learned that it occurred from a monkey.

I consciously will not stop at other works of Thomas Malthus, but I cannot but give an inscription on his tombstone:


well-known to all educated world the fine works on social problems of political economy, and in particular the Experience about the population ; one of the best people and the most honest philosophers of all times and the people, natural advantages of the mind which rose above idle talks of ignoramuses and contempt of people great; he lived the happy and unperturbable life devoted to search and distribution of truth, supported by deep and strong consciousness of advantage of the works, being content with approval of people good and wise. His writing will be the strong certificate of width and justice of his views. Indisputable honesty of his beliefs, its natural justice and purity, appeal of its character, courtesy of its manners, tenderness of heart, favor and piety - left the most expensive memory of it at his family and friends.

it is florid, isn`t that so? Whether but many of us deserve after death though the 100-th share of what is written on a tombstone of Malthus? Even if you were born

with a cleft lip, have never complex about it. Perhaps, as compensation, the destiny awarded you with lively wit.