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What it is necessary to know about bitches?

Bitchiness - the new social illness affecting girls and women, which is given rise by class division in our modern society. Bitches are not born, become them. Now, for some reason, it became fashionable to be bitch . Most of young girls seek to find material and spiritual independence, proclaiming themselves Bitches from capital letter, it is also proud showing to public, at any suitable case, the bitchiness .

What symptoms of this illness? How obviously to distinguish bitch from the ordinary girl or the woman? The majority of us intuitively guesses similar symptoms, but not many can make out them.

Total absence of altruism. Look bitches it is directed directly before itself, nobody and anything will be able to force to curtail it from the road. Men for it anything they are only poor creations helping to the bitch it is cheerful to spend time. Affected rudeness quite often harmoniously fits into almost animal desire to crush and to eat those who are weaker. Near such girl you do not feel inspired. On the contrary, very often men are crushed by the psychological pressure of such persons, feeling like the flies asking for mercy from a spider.

The terrible picture appears, citizens! Bitches - as if medieval witches. Are afraid of them, but to them pulls, though not many.

Ask yourself a question. Whether this article is necessary to you whether you are going to communicate with such women in general? If answer Is not present immediately close it and more to it do not come back. But in case nevertheless it is necessary for you or it is necessary to face in life with bitches what is written below is unconditional to you it will be useful.

Let`s track a way infection from the very beginning. As it was told above, bitches are not born. Respectively, at any stage of development the young girl chooses a way bitches . For itself it finds such way attractive, and, above all, very useful, in particular, if this illness becomes complicated existence of outstanding external data. Beginning stervochka (by the way, notice how silly sounds) tests in a new role. Intuitively she understands that she risks nothing, and just the opposite, supporting the inflamed children`s brain with stories of those who live by the principle " for a long time; bitches and, in principle, it is successful on life, tries to imitate them. Suddenly it is represented to it that only thus it is possible to become the independent, proud and important person.

Here is how time after that stervochka can get to two tracks. She, most likely, will never want to get out of one of them, and another can put it into place at once, having destroyed its new ideals and having returned to realities of normal life. Unfortunately, the second case meets only when on the course of life during this period stervochka meets the person who does not react to attempts " at all; manifestations of force young girl. Perhaps, it is the boy from a parallel class, maybe, the good girlfriend who the example shows that it is possible to live without strain cheerfully and it is cool to hang out . You understand that there is it extremely seldom.

Girls from the first track continue to break themselves for some time, and, at last, begin to call it lifestyle. Here then all. You will deal with real bitch . It for years saved this experience, many times played destinies of young people many times was on the ball. She will not want to refuse it. As a rule bitches happen bitches only in the company of men. It and is clear.

So bitchiness - it is a female illness for men.

That the most interesting is, in most cases, an illness of not really wealthy girls. Possessing natural appeal, but not possessing father`s money she will want to realize herself in quality bitches - such goddess who knows everything and everything understands, but all the same indulgently concerns to people minutes of good mood.

Bitches - these are the girls hiding behind the bitchiness huge complexes. It is checked!

So friends, let`s not play these games. They are interesting to nobody. It is not fashionable for a long time! We will be sincerely with each other!