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Who are they, bums? And whether it is possible to help them? Part 2

and from prison do not renounce a bag! This old saying is said with a big share of irony now. But whether so we are protected from to appearing thrown out on the street, or from hit in state house ? - that it can never happen to me! I am clever, well-mannered, I have a good work and an excellent family! It is good if so, but even in this case guarantees not to be on street is not present!

At the end of 80 - x, the beginning 90 - x years of the last century, during division of the USSR, many people appeared in a situation when in connection with the compelled moving, to be exact, flight from the separated republics, people left literally in anywhere ! Having collected the most valuable, and often without having been in time even it, people went from war, from discrimination to quieter, peace areas. Home! And here it became clear that there nobody waits for them! Quite safe families appeared behind a board of normal life at once. It is good if there were relatives who could shelter at least for a while and if is not present?

And thousands of people joined themselves ranks of bums. At the same time it is not those classical bums whom we got used to see on streets. They have documents, as a rule, many have the status of the refugee or displaced person and let minimum, but support from the state (though it and a rarity but not to tell about it is means to distort against the truth). But here to get a job, somehow it was succeeded to arrange families to not everyone! And reasons here a little.

The first and, perhaps, most important of them - nobody was ready to such mass resettlement. A habit to think of the country as about uniform and indivisible not so - that just appeared to etch from consciousness, and, first of all, officials were not ready to it. Here also it turned out that in words all were ready to help, but neither money, nor the areas for placement of such number of people just was! And people were provided to themselves. The person who only yesterday had good work, the house or the apartment was forced to huddle in one room with three more today - four same as he, displaced persons, in the specialty to find work actually it was not represented possible, and the family lived absolutely in other place. Here realities of that time. And many just broke. Whether to blame them for it? I do not know! I would not risk, and you?

And the second reason is an inertia of immigrants. Imagine the person, all life living in the big city, working at large plant or at institute, and here offer him a lodge in the village! (There was such program - attempt to settle displaced persons on villages, the benefit of the empty houses in the Russian village, unfortunately, is enough). Very few people will risk to replace city civilized life on torsion of tails to cows. And who nevertheless risked, was very quickly convinced that there is no work in the village just! And any. And locals not especially friendly met strangers.

Of course, the percent of those who lowered hands and ceased to fight among displaced persons is not so high, but also is not small! And here it, to the people who are not lost for society at all, it is possible and it is necessary to help! And that already it seems was also forgotten that this problem did not get to anywhere and if earlier, the message on such families living in inhuman conditions is not present and flashes in the press, then now such publications less frequently can be met on pages of newspapers and magazines. There is an impression that the problem is solved. But it not so! Also it is impossible to calm down until about this phenomenon it is impossible to tell: yes, was once, it was the difficult period, but all of us together could overcome it!