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Than the computer, a player, the mobile phone are harmful?

By today technical made progress unknown some 10 years ago heights. Internet, electric devices and many other things. But except benefits and advantage of the invention of the person harm him. Today there is a wish to tell about the devices which are most often used by us and their harm on our organisms.


1) the Picture on the monitor twitches and if your quality of the monitor good, then it does not relieve you of too bright elements. Eyes strain and as result, - a headache and dizzinesses, short-sightedness and dryness in eyes, an itch in the same place;

2) we long sit in front of the computer, and in one pose. At the same time there is an increase in load of muscles of a neck, shoulders, at a backbone;

3) around the monitor is formed the electrostatic field forcing dust from " air; to sit down on ours a face and hands. To good it does not bring.

Protection: put a computer the back to a wall; the distance to the screen has to be not less than 50 cm; air the room, and it is better together with it and to do damp cleaning every day; after work on the computer wash cold water; breaks are obligatory: adults need to do it each 2 hours for 15 minutes, to children - each 30 minutes for 15 minutes; you spend less time at the computer (print out documents for reading).

Mobile phone.

1) according to some researches, the people passing with tube more than 10 years, have less dense wall from the cages controlling penetration into a brain of harmful substances. Possible result: Alzheimer`s disease and Parkinson, swelling of an acoustical nerve;

2) radiation worsens memory, increases pressure, the organism ages. Besides, it spoils quality of sperm at men. She (sperm) settles into shape about a month.

Protection: use, whenever possible, only stationary phone; you do not carry the mobile phone in pockets of trousers, on a lace (I understand that so it in bigger safety from theft, but carry out this wish at least when phone catches a network - then radiation is strongest).


1) Small earphones - droplets are inserted deeply into an ear, appearing in close contact with auditory organs. At noise people increase loudness even more, pressing itself on an ear . It is counted that if for 3 hours to listen to a player, then in 10 years the hearing will worsen for 30%;

2) listening of music does the person scattered, music lovers are run over by a car more often.

Protection: do not listen to a player in the subway and at big noise in general; buy big earphones - burdocks - their impact on the hearing aid is less much, than at thaw ; at home listen to music without earphones.

Protect the health!