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What to do that money never came to an end?

are the most fair on light time is distributed.

But are not less fairly distributed also money. all lack


Ross Perot, American billionaire.

each person has such moments when there is not enough money especially sharply. What to do in such situation? Probably, already anything!

A what to make that it did not repeat any more?

1. Not to be upset. Lack of money is only lack of money. Absence of health, for example, is transferred much heavier.

2. Keep the financial statement. Expenses always have to be less income. What`s the use to earn in a month 100000 if you spend 110000? Large purchases, especially on credit, have to be carefully considered and it is possible, having counted a set of options, you will find much cheaper option or at all will refuse purchase.

3. Always, from each arrival of money postpone on rainy day ! Then it just will never come!

4. Carry out inventory of the small economy. For certain you have things which soon will fail and already now it is necessary to save money for purchase of new.

5. Never buy anything minutes of strong experiences! Shopping at such moments is not therapy, and a way to a chronic depression.

6. Try not to borrow! Over time it becomes a habit of which it will be very difficult to get rid.

7. If your income sharply increased, try some time to live as before and money let will be saved up. When there passes euphoria, you will spend them much more cleverly!

8. Never, blame others for anything! Person the owner of the life! If you bought something under the influence of other people - you are guilty!

9. If pay you at your work a little - look for another. If you do not look for - it is your choice. Means, it is pleasant to you where you work now. It is so terrible to change something in life.

10. Never be discouraged! Be optimists. Life does not come to an end when money comes to an end! Find to yourself pleasures which get to you absolutely free of charge. Them much. It is only necessary to look around!

11. Try to create to yourself several sources of the income. Then, if one is gone, you will scoop money from other sources.

12. Try to create to yourself a source passive (on - scientific - the residual income). It when you do nothing, and money to you goes (percent on deposits, dividends on actions, author`s assignments, a rent for real estate which you hand over etc.)

13. And main thing! Derive for yourself benefit from this situation! Let small. Think what this situation can teach you to. Remember, god does not give to the person of tasks which he cannot solve. Smile to

! Tell

to yourself I am the best!!! or I can do everything!!! by all means here so, with three exclamation marks on the end.

There now, probably, and all. I wish

A to you that such time never came!