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How it is better to think?

Ya - the professional mathematician, the tutor. I offer you the thoughts about thought process.

1. Development individually. The further I am engaged in

, the more I understand that the brain works similar to muscles. It develops ( it is pumped up ) from occupations. He perceives different fields of knowledge (different exercises) differently. One subjects lay down in the head well, others cause difficulties. The brain can be overstrained ( to pull ) . Each person makes progress. It is possible to find the best teachers (trainers), to create ideal conditions (the beautiful gym), but the person is capable to reach understanding and to lay material in the head only independently. Knowledge is not imparted directly as well as skills of the trainer are not transferred to the athlete.

Sometimes to me happens sadly when I cannot shift the understanding in the head to another, or annoyingly when itself I cannot understand others explanations. But it is so made.

2. Whether to listen to music during occupations? Most of the people who are engaged in intellectual work know

how to create conditions for the brain. Some drink tea, some have a rest each hour, carefully choose a chair or clothes, someone listens to music or paces the room, someone is distracted by gymnastics or communication. I, for example, distract each hour, I go a little, I try to vanish, I have a bite. It is very useful to choose for itself such conditions that you could normally, to work with good return 3 - 4 hours. That you did - it is good if your result is good: you fully work, keep attention, understand new.

I think that it is not necessary to represent diligence, to seek to sit not movably, in silence and without distracting. It is necessary to look for conditions for himself and to be responsible for result.

3. Do not overstrain a brain!

Each person who is engaged in intellectual work knows signs of the fatigue. He feels, whether he should stop work or it is necessary to improve the state somehow. The main thing - not to abuse itself and not to overstrain a brain. As in trainings: it is useful to come slightly further the opportunities, and sharply to overtrain - harmfully. For example, about myself I know that I at easy fatigue begin to be mistaken in calculations, then at strong fatigue or in studying of a difficult subject I confuse figures and signs (there are not enough intellectual resources). Then to me helps to distract, resemble, smoke, drink to tea. The following stage comes when me begins to drive in a dream: here it is necessary to stop work. Examples which do not come to me tired at all often easily are solved next day with a fresh mind.

4. Problems of professionals.

such sad regularity Is: the more deeply you understand a subject, the you do more simple actions on the " submachine gun;. And you do not understand any more in what there can be a problem at other person - a beginner. You feel as if was born with ability to put fractions or to solve quadratic equations. The understanding of a subject becomes deeper, but contact with the pupil worsens. Recently I asked my tutor on literature in what cases also it is written together and in what - separately. It is clear - he answered. " union; also the adverb " is written together, and; also - separately . But how to distinguish one from another? - I took an interest. Same it is obvious! - he exclaimed. Yes, - to the professional philologist - it is obvious to it, and to me - no. Whether it means that I am silly? No, of course not. It is the area which is forgotten partially by me, I will try and, sooner or later, I will understand. The main thing - not to worry, have patience and commitment. One day earlier, on the pupil`s question about addition of fractions I wanted to exclaim: How it is possible not to understand it?! In what there can be a complexity here? I, of course, told nothing because I know how obvious things can be unclear.

So, councils :

1. If you love yourself in intellectual work, then study features thinking.

2. Look for an operating mode, optimum for you.

3. Create a stock of small pleasures and bonuses by means of which you will be able to award and stimulate yourself.

4. Learn to learn situations in which it is better to stop work.

5. Be guided by result: all ways which allow you to think and understand new fully are good.