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Why it is difficult for children to study?

Not all - many can fairly object. But for today, according to the practicing teachers, nearly a half of first graders experience difficulties in study. Mental capacities of such children are, as a rule, quite normal, but development of more irregular shapes of thinking in them takes place more slowly.

It is difficult for them to realize the relations between the general and private concepts, to establish connection between parts whole (especially if to offer text material). These difficulties can be explained, generally with inability to consider the offered task, to concentrate on it, scattered attention.

These children are especially mobile, cannot sit all lesson at a school desk, often get up and go on a class among a lesson. Randomness and uncontrollability their movements it is more brightly visible at lessons of the letter, drawing, manual skills that is when purposeful work is necessary.

The matter is that such children did not learn to form the relation to a situation yet, are not able to control the behavior, to inhibit impulsive desires. And, of course, they require special attention and the help. From adults the accurate organization of their work, their patient schooling to independent thinking is required.

These children quickly are tired therefore it is not necessary to force the child to sit at work long. If in 25 - 30 minutes it was not succeeded to perform a task, take a break: give to the child the chance to have a rest, move. It is necessary to accustom to self-checking without excess severity and edification, in the form close to game: and what mark you to yourself would give? And why it is impossible the five? Four?

Game figures prominently in the child`s life, and it can be used for lag overcoming. In each game there are rules to which the child has to follow. Ability to subordinate the behavior to requirements of the teacher is so gradually developed, the strong-willed qualities necessary in training are formed. Get accustomed how your children play!

In kindergartens of pupils of the senior groups specially prepare for school. In a family often the seven-year-old child treat, as the silly little chap. Therefore lines of his immaturity can remain unnoticed till the moment until the child crosses a threshold of school.

It is very important to bring up at children a sense of responsibility for the charged business. Let it will be some small task on the house, care of a puppy or performance of a certain role in game. Here not only the sense of duty, but also interest in results of own work, readiness and ability to overcome obstacles is important.

Teachers note that, besides a delay of mental development, various neuropsychological deviations become a source of troubles quite often. Very often at school stirs children imperfection of motility, especially an illegibility of small movements. Help to develop them such occupations well-loved by children as drawing, a molding from plasticine. Manual skills, ability to handle scissors, paints, glue, a needle, to cut out accurately from paper, to do simple applications help to improve coordination of movements.

Normal formation of the speech requires so-called phonemic hearing, that is ability to accurately distinguish sounds of the human speech. Children with heavy violations of phonemic hearing badly understand someone else`s speech and badly speak. These frustration, of course, become obvious early, and define such child in special school. But parents can not know about insignificant violations, teachers often do not guess them also. And the child difficult is given reading and the letter, he persistently does, would seem, inexplicable mistakes: instead of September writes September instead of lindens - liba .

Defects of phonemic hearing prevent to distinguish the ringing and deaf, hissing and whistling sounds, complicating development of the diploma. But in mild cases they are surmountable if, of course, with the child the teacher, parents, the logopedist are individually engaged.

Difficulties in study arise also at the children suffering from disorders of sight, hearing and the speech. And again, when these frustration are expressed obviously, measures are usually taken, and small violations quite often take place unnoticed. Both the arrest of development, and violation of a physical state, both imperfection of sight and hearing, and other frustration preventing the child to study successfully give in to correction. A task of parents - to combine the efforts with the teacher and the doctor. And the most important - to show a lot of patience, attention, love to the little person.