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In what a secret of the forgotten recipes of Russian cuisine?

Ourselves created a cult of products which, according to nutritionists, you should not abuse, and we do not think of consequences. Still in the ancient time people well understood: where advantage, and where harm. Severe Spartans, for example, executed cooks when convicted them of excess refinement. Eat to live, but do not live that is - Socrates said. It was echoed by Hippocrates: Any surplus is opposite to the nature .

And domestic traditions demonstrate that our ancestors were not supporters of excesses. Not incidentally there were always posts. And though in Russia liked to eat well, but this food was simple and useful. Kashi, kulesh, various soups, fruit stewed fruit, sbitn, kissels, juice from vegetables.

Likely, there is a sense to remember their recipes. And having at least once tried tea on lime color, mint, strawberry leaves, you will hardly forget its unusual taste and aroma. You do not hurry with an assessment, maybe, it is worth trying?

Oat kissel. to moisten Three pounds (about 1,2 kilograms) of oatmeal with water, to add a thick glass from - under kvass or black bread, to put to the dark place and to allow to sour properly. Next day to filter through a sieve and to put to cook; if it is very dense, to add waters. It is not necessary to salt - otherwise kissel will not cook. To cook until begins to lag behind a pot. Then to fill in in forms and to cool. It is possible to give to a table with berries or syrup.

Russian cabbage soup from greens. to scald Leaves of a nettle or a sorrel boiled water, then to cast away on a sieve and when water well flows down, to cut up quite small, like noodles, then to put it in the made meat broth not earlier than as for an hour till a lunch, to add three spoons of sour cream.

Chopped meat . This very tasty and cheap dish. It can be made of the meat remains from soup. To chop up boiled beef small, to add pieces five or more, depending on amount of meat, crude potatoes and again to chop. To add to taste of salt and to put to be fried. That it was not very dry, to add broth.

Turnip and rice soup. 2 turnips with leaves, 2 tablespoons of rice, one carrots, 2 liters of water, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt. Turnip to separate

from leaves, to wash out, chop up leaves. Turnip and carrots to clear, cut straws. To wash out, fill in rice with the boiling salty water, to bring to boiling, to add turnip, carrots, leaves of turnip and again to bring to boiling, then to insist at the closed cover of 15 - 20 minutes. Serve vegetable oil soup.

Tyur with sour milk. Half of a glass of chopped young leaves of currant, 200 grams of stale bread, glass of sour milk, 5 tablespoons of chopped green onions, 2 liters of water, salt. To wash out leaves of currant and to chop up, fill in small with the boiling salty water, to bring to boiling and to cool in broth. In a plate to crumble stale bread, green onions, to pour the sour milk mixed with cold boiled water.

Apple pie. to Take ten two apples, to peel them. In the deep form oiled to fill not thick layer of pounded crackers from stale bread, from above to put the apples cut by chunks, having poured them granulated sugar. And again to fill up them with crackers. To continue to do so until the form is filled. It is possible to put several pieces of butter in the middle, to put in the furnace and to allow to bake properly to apples. Such pie can be served with milk and cream.

Grain kvass. to dry Stale rye bread in an oven. To put in a pan, to fill in with hot water and to leave for 3 - 4 hours. Then to filter everything through a gauze or a pure rag. And to add yeast, sugar or treacle and raisin to the formed mash at will. Everything carefully to mix and leave for 10 - 12 hours before emergence of vials of carbonic acid.

To pour young kvass in bottles, to cork and put to the cold place: refrigerator or cellar. In a day it is ready. On 1 kilogram of crackers from rye bread - 8 liters of water, 3 glasses of granulated sugar or treacle, a half of a stick of the pressed yeast, 1 - 2 tablespoons of raisin.

Northern kvass. to fill in Rye bread, blackcurrant leaves, granulated sugar with boiled water, to mix, close carefully a cover and to leave in the warm place for 3 - 4 hours. To filter the settled mix. To add ferment to a mash, to expose for 2 - 3 days on cold (the refrigerator, a cellar). Then to heat a mash to boiling and to boil 5 - 7 minutes, removing the formed skin. Hot drink to filter, cool, pour in bottles, to cork and put for days to the cold place.

On 1 kilogram of rye bread - 4 liters of water, a glass of granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons of the crushed blackcurrant leaves, 1 glass of ferment (to part one third of a stick of the pressed yeast in three fourth a glass of warm water with addition of 2 tablespoons of flour).

Bon appetit!