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What the format - Blu - Ray is?

of Technology develop so quickly that did not manage to settle as it is necessary to collect suitcases and to rush forward. And there were quite recently disketka who both became promptly popular, and promptly did not become popular, the invention of CD served as the reason for that. And the same can be told about CD, after the invention of DVD. However so many years that when DVD appeared, not all were in time " were CD with us; to collect suitcases and so far only collect. But you look only! There were DVD only recently, and already invented Blu - Ray and HD - DVD, here - that we with you will speak today about them. And if to speak more precisely, then about Blu - Ray disk (BD).

The Blu technology birth - Ray

If for creation of the DVD format united practically all large technological companies, then for creation of Blu - Ray spent part of those of the company which participated in the project of creation of DVD, and other part of the company left on development of HD - DVD. If to speak more precisely, then in development of Blu - Ray participated 9 large companies: LG, SONY, HITACHI, SAMSUNG, SHARP, THOMSON, MATSUSHITA, PIONEER and PHILIPS. And the instigator of this project - the SONY company .

Development of this format began since 2003, but it is possible to consider significant 2006 when in January at an exhibition of consumer Consumer Electronics Show electronics ( of CES ), it was declared commercial start of the Blu format - Ray. Blu - Ray Disc Founders Association to which duties advance of a product in the market and licensing to the companies - producers belongs was also created. Such companies as SONY and DELL are a part of this association. And JVC, SONY, TDK are engaged in production now, SAMSUNG etc. of

Than Blu - Ray differs from DVD? differs in Much in

! Very much! All right, give one after another. First of all this increase in volume of data at Blu - Ray. At Blu - Ray is reached path width 0,32 microns while at DVD - 0,78. But not only it promoted increase in the size of data on a disk, but also the fact that in the Blu technologies - Ray began to use the improved system of coding of data, the blue laser (therefore carries the name Blu - Ray, Blue - the Beam - mistake here intended is also connected with patenting of the name) with short wavelength in 405 nanometers (nanometer) while at the red DVD laser the mark of 635 nanometers was reached. As a result of introduction of all these technological innovations, the disks Blu - Ray received increase in the size up to 27 GB , and in the doubled value to 54 GB . What nanotechnologies reached.

But new technologies brought to us not only record increase in volume of data on a disk, but also considerable improvement of quality of reading and data recording, due to increase in a numerical aperture up to 0,85 , uses of high-quality two-lens system, decrease in thickness of a protective layer of a disk to 0,1 mm , and there were 0,6 mm earlier. Plus to everything, in the disks Blu - Ray is developed by the TDK company system of protection against external influences and scratches, of Durabis . This system so powerful that scratch a disk the screw-driver and with it will become nothing . Try to pass on it by truck... and then collect. Besides there is an opportunity to use tissues for cleaning of a disk while CD, DVD from it are damaged.

What new is in system of protection against piracy copying?

Yes all! There was a BD+ system which allows to make dynamic change of schemes of enciphering, from - for lack of which paid with numerous breakings system of protection for DVD, CSS. And of ROM - Mark (watermark), system of protection for drives, is stitched in ROM by production. So if the drive will not have this special sign, then the disk just all - navsy on it will not be lost. The Mandatory Managed Copy technology developed by the HP company , on the contrary, allows to make legal copies of video in the protected format. The system of zoning of disks is divided all into 3 zones now : 1 - North America, South America, Japan and East Asia; 2 - Europe and Africa; 3 - India, China, Russia and other countries.

On the future.

Scientific nice the Warner companies to avoid war of formats, develop a disk with three layers on which one layer there is Blu - Ray, under it a layer with HD - DVD, and on the other hand - a disk a layer with DVD. Directly even as puff pie! And developers from the TDK companies already developed a disk prototype with four layers and 100 GB in size, and work on a disk with eight layers and 200 GB in size.

Thanks for your patience and attention, I hope, my article was for you interesting. To new meetings!