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For what to a cat tree? About signs and not only you noticed

how softly and silently your little predator on the apartment moves? It because a cat - the hunter, her claws have to be always accurate are undermined .

How the cat does the manicure? Simply and at all without reckoning with opinion of the owners. Having chosen a corner of a sofa or a back of a chair, sticks into it forepaws, and then you hear a crash of the broken-off upholstery. What horror! You hurry to drag it, abuse, even splash. But it is vain. Every other day - two everything repeat. You rearrange furniture, cover a sofa with a plaid, but also it does not rescue the place chosen by a cat.

These troubles can be avoided. Find a board and, having fitted it a piece of an old carpet or cloth, attach to a wall at the height of 20 - 30 cm from a floor where - nibud in a corridor or other secluded place. At the time of cat`s manicure surely bring an animal to this furniture . Perhaps, so it is necessary to arrive not once.

Cats usually like to be scratched about natural bark of a tree. If you could find low dry steady bryovnyshko, penyochek, it is possible to fix more strong it in a corner of a hall or in other place.

As ideal it is possible to consider option if in your apartment there is a place where you establish very useful thing for a cat - her property - cat`s tree . In its design it is possible to consider all habits of your animal. If the cat loves suspended toys, fix them on him tree . And if your pet prefers to be alone, make on a tree separate apartments : here he can enjoy rest.

Finishing of a trunk from fleecy fabric will allow to a tree to become the place not only cat`s manicure, but also (if to try!) - decoration of the apartment. Also will give you a lot of pleasure to watch how the favourite of a family frolics or has a rest on the masterpiece created by you.

Kohl is about cats, it is possible to remember also that these animals at many people serve as the fluffy thermometer. For example, superstitious French fishermen before putting out to sea, turned the look to a cat. Was considered that it not bad forecasts the weather.

Whether there will be a rain? Yes, if the cat drives a pad near an ear (not during washing, and on the life course ) . Strong wind when the cat rubs a paw a nose. If the cat turns in a dream - to weather changing and if sits down a back to fire - to be at the sea to a storm.

We will reject signs because the storm and strong wind do not threaten us in cozy apartments, and here temperature and pressure can really be determined by a cat.

Observant persons claim that narrow pupils of this animal speak about low atmospheric pressure, wide - about high. The cat sleeps as a sphinx, without hanging the heads, - the air temperature of 25 degrees and above; having extended pads and having put on them the head - at 22 - 25 degrees; having drawn in under itself pads - at 18 - 22 degrees; having curled up and having closed a tail a nose - at 16 - 18 degrees, having been curtailed a fur ball - lower than 16 degrees.

However, the experts observing the cat`s tribe revealed important regularity: cats, as well as people, can adapt practically in any conditions, suitable for life. Depending on the place and a way of life their habits, behavior, and even character respectively change. So, and the signs connected with these animals in different corners of the planet will be different, and (that too is important) all of them will be true.