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How to open own radio station and why it is necessary?

are interesting, prestigious to Have own radio, and sometimes and profitably. In today`s Russia radio station in comparison with other mass media - a thing much cheaper. It is possible to start the project if you (or at your partners) have fifty thousands of dollars, and it is only jeep cost. However, if you never tried to open own radio station, then at first be defined why broadcast is necessary. Certainly, the purposes and tasks can be as much as necessary. Here only some of them.

Option with the conditional name Make to me beautifully : well it when people have everything or ALMOST everything including there are a lot of bags of money. And here, to liquidate this unpleasant almost they decide to get own radio company. Will listen then on the radio to favourite songs, driving about on vicinities on favourite six-hundredth Mercedes.

Other option - when politicians, or representatives of large business, owners financially - industrial holdings decide to open radio station. It is clear, as that, and it is important to others to create about itself favorable public opinion, and here own radio station will appear as it is impossible by the way.

The " option is purely theoretically possible; Over all Spain a clear sky . But then it has to be the radio station with a big radius of action (for certain, on SV - average waves) and considerable number of the listeners capable to understand such signal.

And still there can be a normal business - the project when you create a radio company for receiving profit. The probability that the company will be profitable - is not too high. But you resolved to offer the jeep (50 thousand dollars) and instead of it to have own radio. Then safely register mass media - a radio program. Previously read the Act of the Russian Federation About mass media first of all articles 7, 8 and 10 in which there is a speech about an order of mass media institution. Registration can be charged to the lawyer or the competent intermediary, but, in my opinion, it is much more pleasant (besides is cheaper) all to make with own hands.

At last you paid a registration fee, correctly wrote the application for registration of mass media, filed documents to the ministry or to the appropriate territorial authority and after monthly term became the happy owner of the treasured certificate. In it it is written that you the founder of a radio program - with that beautiful name which you managed to think up at the sleepless nights. Now you have exactly a year that to start production of mass media - quite so demands the federal law.

First of all it is worth thinking of the status of edition. In article 19 of the federal law About mass media it is written down that edition can be legal entity . But if can be so can not be. However, all - is better to make edition an independent economic entity and to open the bank account.

Two ways are farther: it is possible to agree with already operating radio company and to rent at it broadcasting time - several hours a week (more will hardly give), and it is possible to go a thorny road and to do radio station from scratch. In the latter case it is necessary to learn in Gossvyaznadzor: whether there are free broadcasting frequencies in your region, the city, the settlement. If they are, then sign the protocol on intentions with local operators and submit the application for the broadcasting license. It is worse when all frequencies are occupied: it is necessary to be engaged in development of frequency - to address for calculation of face value of frequency in the Moscow scientific research institute of radio, to submit the application for the frequency license to Rostelecom. And it is desirable that at the allowed frequency you could broadcast not on the next wood and several city quarters, and on all megalopolis.

We will assume that everything developed successfully. In the regional Commission on TV and radio broadcasting and Gossvyaznadzor you got the temporary work permit in air (for registration of the license). For now waited for this permission, equipped (or rented) themselves studio, the transmitter, antenna systems, gathered small staff, having carried out a preliminary casting. Life was successful, it is possible to air? Here not. If you want to earn money, then previously it is necessary to place announcements in regional newspapers and on local television, to sign contracts for advertizing and to write down commercials, to prepare jingles and prompt of radio station, to make own note transfers. And still it is necessary to sign the contract with that federal (usually Moscow) radio company which programs you will relay: you will not be able to close all the air own transfers and music at once. So you will have enough work for many months ahead and, perhaps, you will become the fan of this mysterious and delightful piece which is thought up by whether Popov, whether Marconi.

So if you have free fifty thousand dollars and to you it is not especially a pity for them, then you can begin the similar project. However be not under a delusion. If in half a year of work you do not go on the air on the " level; on zero (profitability point: when the income and expenses of radio station are approximately equal), consider that the project failed and will never make profit. Dismiss employees, sell the equipment, and on the money gained from its sale try to think up something more effective.