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Throwing 1. What there is a civilization?

are very convenient to imagine civilizations Now. Computer games help to model life of the people throughout the millennia and to operate it. Despite a rich variety, in all games there is one general - development. And this development is not possible without development of military equipment and land development everywhere. Besides, civilizations always compete. Such feeling that sense of generation of a civilization - never-ending rivalry. About game - nobody argues - there will be no rivalry - there will be no sense in game.

But here, interestingly, as actually civilizations are sure of need of rivalry. Probably is a logic of the person. Someone convinced him that it by all means has to be the best, and time it has to be and it belongs to this race (the people, the nation), and it has to be the best. A question in a method, but not love. There would be a love, then improvement of the nation would happen, through improvement and aspiration to another for now, unfortunately, through wars and humiliation.

Well it is admissible that it so actually. Let, each personality, coming to a condition of an identification of with some part of society, to aspire to superiority over other parts of mankind. What it can measure this superiority in???

Most the simple answer - in a standard of living of the certain person would seem. But the economic sense of a standard of living changes from an era by an era and udarzhivatsya seldom behind that civilization that prospered earlier. And to determine the spiritual level of a civilization very difficult. And at it there can be all the rest in such state that language does not turn to call this situation excellent.

Perhaps, on the level of technical and scientific achievements. But, here same situation. Over time technical superiority of pioneers is lost (and now quicker and quicker), and the general level, due to fast distribution of technologies, remains approximately identical.

In games of an option a victory absolutely idiotic are offered:

- Murder of the leader. All leaders die, but it does not bring clear-cut victory of a civilization, though defines current state. For example, Rome though fell in many respects thanks to death of great leaders, but, it is not possible to tell that it fell as a civilization as its influence extended to all Europe for a long time, and achievements of their law and now a sample.

- the culture Victory - in general not clear about what there is a speech. The culture, as well as technology, is achievement without framework and borders, achievement of all mankind.

- the Victory of space race. It is the same technology. If one could - also others will be able. Superiority of superiority loses force immediately.

There is such difficult question: in what and how to define superiority. But, apparently, this question is not correct in principle. To be at war and compete the states can. And, it is necessary to admit frankly: for missing resources. Not important, raw materials it, technologies, people, cultural or religious sources. Anyway, it is a resource which is valuable to the state and which to it does not get for the only purpose: deduction of the power in those hands in which it already is. Whether does not matter there is a war in arms, or by means of diplomacy, and can through economy, culture and religion. But it the concrete states for quite specific goals are at war. The same state imparts to people feeling that they are at war personally and think out the purposes, necessary for people.

The civilization is something bigger. It is what remains invariable and in case of change of the power, and in case of technical revolution. It is what will regulate actions and acts, views of people regardless of the state, its changes, and in general, its existence in principle. Civilizations different in the basis. The person of one civilization remains in the system of values regardless of the place of its accommodation. Experiment of the American copper, in fact, failed. The person remains with the system of civilization values regardless of a way of life. Civilizations cannot be better or worse, they it is simple to eat also all.

Respectively, they cannot compete. As salt and sugar cannot compete. They it is simple to eat, and they just have to be. But also that, and another allows the internal principles to develop and exist to what it contains in. The civilization is an attitude of the person of in the world. This his consciousness of regardless of the events around, it cannot be bad - as it is kind and personal essence of the person.