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Who is guilty? that there is no money ? We Will begin

, perhaps, with the reasons non-material, the benefit is for certain already known - all diseases from nerves, except for one . Having shifted to this our subject practically an axiom, we will receive here that: Lack of money - from the corresponding relation to money . Or absolutely in a general view: As you with the fairy tale - and the fairy tale with you!

A of times were exorcized by us, dear reader, about fairy tales, will tell one such. It is of course lie, but, as we know, in it a hint - to mountain boys yes to divchina a lesson!

As there at classics:

Trust al do not trust, and there lived in this world Fedot - a Sagittarius, the daring good fellow. There was Fedot neither the handsome, nor the freak, nor is ruddy, nor is pale, nor is rich, nor is poor, nor in a scab, nor in brocade, and so, a voobcha. to

Though to whom need old fashioned fairy tales now. It is better which - what is more modern. For example, here so.

In one small provincial Russian (however, then still Soviet) the town once upon a time there were 2 boys - Oleg and San. They grew, were on friendly terms, went to school, but graduated from it differently. Oleg - the mediocre pupil, and San - the excellent student. Here that their ways also dispersed. Also they met in ten years. There is no Soviet Union any more, one Russia remained.

Oleg is the owner that is called medium business and Alexander is an analyst in the large western company. It seems also started both from scratch the way - and here came to absolutely different levels. Oleg earned so many that and did not dream Sana`a.

Became they as it is necessary to old friends, to be knocked in two liqueur glasses yes for life to bazarit.

Sasha speaks:

- Money not the most important in life.

Answers Oleg:

- But money become incredibly important if their all the time is not enough.

of San:

- God loves poor people.


- the Words Wealth and God - single-root. So who is loved by God? Sashk`s


- For money you will not buy love, health, time .


- Love in need withers.

- Try to elicit in a drugstore medicine without money.

- As to you time spent on nelyubimy to work?

Here such interesting conversation at them turned out that became clear at once why everything so developed at them differently. He talked and dispersed again - and everyone went the own way, and the train went the

Here and a tale the end and who listened the good fellow. And that the fairy tale badly - that the story-teller of wine. To catch the fool yes to give a punch, An is impossible in any way - the story-teller - that the fool! And we have no court on fools from time immemorial!.

And now - humdrum of life, that is hints with lessons. Remember yourself about five years ago. Remembered? Well. Now write down what your financial performance then was: money, a personal property - real estate, visibility - invisibility

A what they now? Wrote down? Well and almost most important - consider your financial speed now. Only in a year, but not in an hour. You remember - a formula for the first class:

you go on life with a speed: (Received) 4$/hour - 3,9$/hour (spent) = 0,1$/hour

And further, I hope, guessed? What your financial performance in 5 years will be? Here - here!

And conducted you on this way and brought into that point where you are now - your mentality , your thoughts and installations concerning money. What? For example, such:

Money is not the main thing in life.

Big money can be received only by unfair means.

Big money is the evil

Big money causes cares and problems.

I will be loved only for my money.

Money corrupts character of the person.

the Wealth generates envy and does lonely.

the Wealth is got due to my health and a family

God loves poor people.

Money gets a hard work.

Always when I receive money, them someone loses another.

the Modesty decorates.

If my children grow up in wealth, then will become addicts and mollycoddles.

It is a shame to span to be rich, there are a lot of poor people around.

I am unworthy to be rich. I am poor, but proud!

Everything is predetermined including whether I will be rich.

Be happy what you have.

Each cricket, know the perch!

Have more, than at me is, I also do not deserve.

I am insufficiently disciplined to save.

is not lucky Me.

If I tried properly, then could become the rich, but I do not want.

Everything is divided for a long time so it is better for

not to lean out the List is taken from various sources - Baudot Schaffer, Alexander Sviyash, Igor Vagin`s books, own head, and also from short poll of surrounding people. At desire, you will be able to add it with the original thoughts .

So you actually think of money? Ah, you in general do not think of them! Then, perhaps, everything is clear. It is necessary only to tell a joke about the private Ivanov.

- The private Ivanov, what you think of, looking at it the flying red banner is proud?

- About women, companion sergeant!

- And why about women?!

- And I always think of them!
the thought Is clear to