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Where what you do every day conducts you?

Allow to offer without preludes to you versions of answers:

There, I do not know where, behind that, I do not know why.

On the state pension.

By a provided old age.

By provided youth.

To money.

To very big money.

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Ask this question to yourself and choose the offered option. Or offer the. Only an arrangement - answer it honestly. Spend time quantity. How many you will spend for searches of the answer in a money equivalent - consider. How? Yes it is very simple!

- How many you earn in a month?

- 350 dollars.

- How many hours you work for this money?

- 175 hours.

- How much is hour?

- 2 dollars.

- 2 dollars costs hour of what?


on a sheet A4 Now and hang up in a frame (can be, even mourning - that the effect was stronger) on a foreground such here plain text (by the way, at me such frame hangs):

Young, beautiful life 30 - the summer man 1,81 growth, the 69th weight,

Serega call - it is I, costs $4 per hour

Motivates excellently. So as my familiar cannibal spoke: And you try! .

And now it would be desirable to look at this frame a little in a different way. In dynamics, so to speak, in the movement, on the run, I run, to summer And, sauntering once again by, came in dream to me here that:


you go on life with a speed of $4 an hour

But this only the first member of equation for the first class. Why? Yes because you also spend money, i.e.

you go on life with a speed of $4/hour (received) - 3,9$/hour (spent) = 0,1$/hour

So your actual speed is equal to the speed of the ordinary, normal person lying on a sofa and watching TV. And it is good still if the result of our highly intellectual calculations is positive. And that is such handymen - spend more, than earn. Here, I`m sorry, at me only with cancer which everything strives to go the back comparison is born. And at the answer to the question Where what they do every day conducts them? only also remains how to choose the first of the versions of the answer offered above.

And here to you and still a question not from nurseries and if is not more feasible, than Faust Goethe.

What (or who) operates your life?

What, we will call the friend or we ask the help of the hall? The hall indifferent does not remain:













the Answer is, actually, simple and banal - your salary operates your life. Well or that quantity of money which you receive / earn!

For persons interested to argue - I send to the Caucasus, to wise mountaineers who know many different toasts. Here one of them:

I Have an opportunity to buy a goat, but I have no desire. I have desire to buy the house, but I have no opportunity. So we will drink for that our desires coincided with our opportunities! it is even better than

A - for that our desires went nuts from our opportunities!

All our desires are limited to our opportunities. And in many respects - monetary opportunities. You want Mercedes, and money for Zhiguli hardly - hardly? You want to Canary Islands, and money only for an electric train to Kanareykino?

So who whom operates, and?