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Whether it is worth looking for nuggets?

As you think how many the piece of gold just like that lying on the earth can weigh? Kilogram? Two? The largest of ever found nuggets, Holterman`s Plate weighed 93 kg. More precisely, the gold melted from a nugget, weighed so much it weighed three times more. It was found in Australia in 1872 - m to year. Put on the priest the plate of triangular shape reached a shoulder to the person of small growth, its length - 142 cm

of the biggest of the nuggets found in the territory of the former Soviet Union, Big triangle weighed more than 36 kg. As nuggets, as a rule, melt, only the few receive honor to remain in original state. Big triangle it is considered the largest of the creations of the nature which remained whole. It is stored in Diamond fund of Russia. And here the person who found him, Nikifor Syutkin, the destiny did not spare. On pleasures he washed down and could not stop. He died in poverty.

Nuggets are not faceless pieces of gold. Very often nuggets are art value in itself. Some of them are so beautiful that they can be used as jewelry and without processing. The nature gives gold such bizzare shapes that it is hardly believed that it not work of hands of the person.

Such masterpieces as " are stored in Diamond fund; Mephistopheles Camel Dachshund Hare ears . Their name speaks for itself. And let Mephistopheles only a little more than 20 g weigh, but it always causes admiration of the improbable similarity to that image which is born when reading Fausta . When it was found, long doubted whether it is an ingot. But careful inspection confirmed that Mephistopheles - natural education. As a rule, free market price of such nuggets significantly high prices of the gold equal to them on weight.

It is not easier to find a gold nugget, than to guess number in a lottery, but cases when it occurs two times in a row, it is possible to consider as superluck. Nevertheless, and it happened. A few years ago de Oliver`s gold prospector found two huge nuggets, with a one weight of 33, another, it is slightly less - 26 kg. There were even cases when during the season successful gold prospectors found tens of nuggets, however, more small, in several grams is powerful.

That gold prospector who does not dream to find a nugget is bad. It is unknown only where and when you find it and whether you will find in general. In 1954 - m to year in California one gold prospector came across a nugget weighing 36 kg when he dug a grave for the died workmate. Precisely the partner from heaven went all out and did much good for the friend. The nugget called in honor of the dead Oliver Martin it was sold for $22700 later.

But even earlier the successful gold prospector earned not less than $10000, having organized demonstration of a find in various cities of America.

Was even a case when the worker who struck with the hammer the stone which within several years was propping up a door of mine office found out that it is a massive gold nugget.

And it is optional to be the gold prospector to find gold. In 1992 - m year good luck smiled to the tractor operator Utyagalov. The ploughshare of its plow turned out from a furrow a gold plate of the size of the sheet of writing paper, only thickness it is more, about a finger. It was the nugget weighing nearly 5 kg, it received the name Irendyksky bear . A chemical composition of this miracle - platinum - iridiyevo - palladic gold of high test.

Legends were told us of finds of incredibly large pieces of gold in the ancient time. Not always these data are authentic, but where there`s smoke there is fire. The Central Asian scientist - the Encyclopaedist of antiquity Biruni mentions that the gold nugget the " size was found in the southern part of modern Afghanistan; an elbow on an elbow . Count, and you will see that weight it quite could reach 2,5 t.

Almost same nugget was found in 1145 - m to year in Bohemia. But, perhaps, it was only the quartz block with plentiful impregnations of gold or gold nuggets.

But as Hemingway considered, whatever big fish you hooked, in the sea for certain remained still big. By estimates of geologists in crust there were not less than 100 billion (!) tons of gold.

So, success to you!