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Drug addiction and disability of

Time! It quickly passes through fingers as sand and not to stop it; not to return what already passed it is lost for the present and the future. It is necessary to reconcile to it only. But how to reconcile to an utrachennost, irrevocability of the events? How not to endure impossibility to imprint, stop moments? Even expressed by a sound, say, dab of a brush is only the ghost, an echo past, the past which sank into oblivion. In eternity in which both happiness, and bitterness, and light, and secret is only memory.

How not to make the wrong choice which will decide all your future? Memory forgives nothing. She remembers each mistake, each your miss which involves trouble. Yes, from trouble nobody is insured - either the son of the oligarch, or the daughter of the bum, or the winner of the various Olympic Games. Anybody!

War, the villages smoking pipes crematoriums reduced to ashes - then seemed that can be more terrible and more mad than nothing. It seemed that the horror arranged on the earth ended and will nevermore repeat. But the mankind itself thinks out all new ways of total self-destruction. There are new diseases, for example, AIDS - plague of the 20th century which held down mankind in a fear chain. Now, in addition, the trouble even more pernicious for mankind - DRUG ADDICTION came.

Drug addiction is a way of life of many young people. Drug addiction turned into the business making good profit for one and killing others. To drug addiction stand in a queue defenseless, incapable to estimate the danger threatening to them - children. And the age level steadily goes down. Children - addicts at the age of 12 - 13 years come across. Even the smallest problems children perceive

as absolutely unsoluble. For emergence of a problem of rather banal two in the diary or the heat-spot which swelled up on a nose before the first appointment. Adults do not understand that it is only a problem surface, and it is hided deeply in soul of the child. The drop behind a drop is filled soul, and at last the last straw pushes it on a mad, inexplicable act. And how many such problems: rejection in school collective, feeling of one-way first love . Someone has mother or the father who will calm and will fondle, will give advice and will try to help somehow. And if there are no parents? If in reply only misunderstanding or causticity? But there is a place, there is a company where you will be understood and estimated. And there you are the. And it is possible not to be allocated at all and grasses to smoke, and then and to prick. But the teenager does not understand to what consequences he will lead this prick, does not understand that it is the first step to DISABILITY.

A what is disability - very few people understand and very few people know. Some have even no ideas, will not be influenced yet.

Disability - continuous fight with, with the body, with life.

It comes when you do not wait for it, and remains with you forever. Falls upon you as falls of ice water. Not to leave, not to escape from it any more. It, disability, will pursue you all life. Life, sometimes not really easy. Disability at each person proceeds differently: at someone it is easier, and at someone it is heavier that the person sometimes thinks: And why I live?.

of People, doing drugs, does not realize all weight of the problems arising from them. And at each person the organism, unlike others. And the mechanism of impact on it at everyone different. Ability to resist to this action too at everyone the. And thereof consequences are unpredictable.

Disability from drugs is extremely diverse. Once again I want to tell that consequences from overdose depend on an organism. It can be muscular weakness, loss of weight, violation of work of a liver and kidneys, serious injury of a brain and nervous system, a problem with memory, of decline in the ability to think, development of diseases of respiratory system, the slow and broken heartbeat rhythm, low body temperature, a deep sleep, a stupor (obezdvizhennost), a coma... and death. The last always follows the addict on heels. For some this easiest solution. The death is much better, than partial paralysis. After paralysis the long and painful period is necessary partially to return to a way of life which the person conducted before. Its hospital on treatment will not accept as it needs not treatment now, and a permanent care. And until the end of the life care of the ailing son or the daughter lays down heavy burden on unfortunate parents.

At disability it is necessary from to refuse many, opportunities are narrowed to a minimum. Some can go outside, reach to a certain place and communicate to old acquaintances whom becomes less and less. And if you cannot leave just physically, then people from TV screens, the books standing on shelves to which earlier you also did not touch become your friends; instead of real friends appear virtual, but it under a condition if there are a computer and Internet connection.

Yes, some cannot go outside, work, give birth to children - because the world is not adapted for disabled people. Even the elementary visit of the nearest shop becomes a problem as in shop there is no handrail and there is no entrance for a wheelchair. you Will tell

: Sadly! or Awfully! - yes, it so, but is Life which can become yours until you learn to say to NO drugs. It is much heavier to combat an illness, than to prevent it. In Europe understood long ago, than the narcotic dope threatens mankind. When understand at us?

How to prevent extermination of itself, close, darling? The answer is simple - to create conditions for a youth healthy lifestyle. Creation of conditions depends on the state.

Why to invest money not in a casino, and in the future - in children? to Make

for them available different types of sport!

to Build the house of youth where it is possible to gather, to talk, discuss and resolve the collected problems! to Begin to conduct

at schools of conversation about harm of drugs! And about harm of alcoholism and tobacco smoking. to Create to

conditions not only for youth, but also for disabled people!

If the state and just people look back, will leave from the problems and will help to make the world more convenient for the disabled person, then the world will be better, and disabled people will begin to live, but not to exist. That`s it, the disabled person does not live - and exists, survives.

Should create conditions, it is necessary to fight for life of our children. Our children are our future! If not to combat now, then the world is doomed - in it, through two - three generations just will not remain healthy people.