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How to keep heat in the winter? Councils of the layman

Of course, a way most just - to put on more warmly. But this way has couple of shortcomings:

1) Is limits to quantity of clothes that it is possible to fasten on himself. And to appearance can damage.

2) From - for warm clothes it is possible to sweat at home - before an exit - or in transport. And at a repeated exit to cold it is fraught. Besides the loss can be caused to appearance. Without speaking about unpleasant feelings. If decide everything - to be warmed by

- do not forget about a layered clothing and you remember that most of all heat allocates our organism through the head and hands.

A what else can use that in the winter not to freeze?

From the most obvious ways - a hardening. Very good and effective way. About it a lot of things it is written, all about it know, many use. It has only one shortcoming - will power is necessary. If your purpose - not to be afraid of a frost, then can regularly be very difficult to force to have a shower bath itself cold water. Oh, damn! - I want to avoid cold, but not to test it also at a hardening

on the other hand, the people who are already tempered to some degree begin to derive pleasure and to test pleasure from the process of a hardening. So the hardening at all difficulty of the initial stage - is killing of two hares one stone. You cease to be afraid of a frost and receive a new source of pleasure. So whether the game is worth the candle - to solve to you.

There is also other way. More labor-consuming, but not subjecting you to tortures by cold at the first stages. It is yoga and some martial arts. Why I mentioned them together in one offer? Yes because and there, and there people learn to listen to the body and to operate it, to operate energy. It is worth choosing only from martial arts that are not concentrated on technology of the fastest extermination of the opponent. Look for those who speak about spirit, energy streams, find time for meditation.

the Martial arts aimed only at the fastest and effective extermination of the opponent will help you to be warmed only if you find on whom to apply them. But if you want to be warmed by means of physical exercises - pin firewood better or subject yourself to other peaceful physical activities.

Still the ordinary healthy good form will help. The human body already has effective ways of thermoregulation. If you it is correct, fully you eat; are not subject to addictions; you watch over the health and you keep good physical shape - your organism simply - naprosto will work better and more precisely. Including to use those mechanisms which will allow you to keep heat and to feel comfortable on a frost.

Also fat is important for preservation of heat. Forgive me, supporters of rigid diets, but fat are not only reserves of substances which the organism can spend including for warming, but also the additional layer preserving heat. The stereotypes hammered into the head by society force many of us to think that any fat - it is bad and ugly. It is a mistake. Some parts of a body - especially female - fatty deposits only decorate. Reasonably, naturally. The main thing - it is not necessary to be fond of it. It is not necessary to stock too much. If your organism reserves too much fat, it begins to affect yours health, complicates work of your organism. Also leads to the fact that the organism cannot use effectively the resources and mechanisms which are available for it on hand. So stocks stocks, and it is necessary to keep shape.

Food is important too - it is necessary to eat high-calorie food. It is desirable to eat more meat.

Alcohol will help to be warmed for some time, but it is fraught. It is better to use alcohol for a sogrev after long walk on cold, already being at home in heat.

Well and finally - couple of easy ways which you can use at any time.

You breathe through a nose. It is simple and banal. A way which air gets into lungs at breath through a nose, at more long. Respectively, until it reaches your lungs, it more will heat up. You will not freeze lungs - already well. And on the way back the air heated in lungs will give more heat which will be used for heating of the next portion of air which will go to your lungs. Roughly speaking, at breath through a nose you exhale less heat plus the arriving cold air manages to get warm before gets into lungs that too allows to avoid unpleasant feelings.

is not always easy to Breathe through a nose. If you run at full speed, catching up with the leaving bus, sufficient the volume of air which can pass a nose will hardly seem to your organism. However to cope with the air volumes necessary for a fast pace, a nose quite in power. Consider that fact which much of us was drummed since the childhood at school - at breath through a nose oxygen is acquired more effectively. I do not know, whether the truth it and why it so, but quite is enough for me my nose for a fast pace.

By the way, I treat those people at whom the nose almost permanently is in half the put state. But when I begin to use a nose for its direct designated purpose - especially, during fast walking - the congestion very quickly passes. So to the same people, as well as I, I very much advise to try. Only you hold near at hand a handkerchief.

Be closer to each other. Anyway, your bodies all the same radiate heat in space. Anyway, on you wind blows. And the closer you stand to other people, the more than their heat you receive and the more their bodies protect you from wind. In 30 - the-degree frost seems that it will help as to the dead - poultices. And you look at penguins. They without clothes, heaters and houses live in such conditions that you would howl. Of course, a lot of things distinguish them from people physiologically. But distinguishes them as well the fact that in such conditions they should be able to use all possible ways for saving of heat.

And the last according to the list - but not on value - you love. Lovers tend not to notice a frost at all, and are ill that is remarkable, more rare.