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How there were cutlets on - Kiev?

History French.

the Empress Russian Elizabeth Petrovna adored French cuisine. The French who had a reputation in Europe for excellent culinary specialists opened the Russia`s first restaurants which were considered as very fashionable institutions in St. Petersburg. Elizabeth, following in the footsteps of Pyotr, packs sent talented vyyunoshy to Paris, to be trained in culinary business.

Probably, from there it was also brought retseptik very gentle and juicy chicken brisket cutlets. Only they were called then cutlets - drag (with ô telettes de volaille), and the magnificent cook, the wine merchant and the confectioner Nicolas Appert thought up them. It not the only invention of Appert. It became famous for the fact that invented canned food. Not just any canned food, and the principle of conservation. But we will tell about it another time.

- drag cutlets are known and now. Their all the time is confused to cutlets on - Kiev. And it is not sophisticated. They are analogs. Both those, and others prepare from chicken breast. Both in those, and put a stuffing in others. In the elementary option - butter (cutlets on - Kiev). Often add any seasonings, greens, a chicken yolk to it and other. If seasonings take more, and replace oil with any sauce, or in general do without it, then these are cutlets - drag.

History is the Russian.

Not so long ago, in April, 2000 - go years, in the apartment found by the killed the scientist with a world name, the historian, the founder of the Russian skandinavistika, the author of many books on stories and heraldry William Vasilyevich Pokhlebkin. But not only, and not so much the scientist became famous for it. Its feather possesses more than 50 books on stories of culinary art published with a circulation more than hundred million copies.

And so, in one of the Tasty stories he claims that our cutlets were invented in 1912 - m to year and moved in the St. Petersburg Merchant club. They were called then it is new - mikhaylovsky in honor of the Mikhailovsky Palace which was nearby. But, alas, two revolutions and ruin of Civil war absolutely beat off memory of wonderful cutlets. But not at all.

History is the Ukrainian.

B 1918 - m to year, at the time of the hetman Skoropadsky, cutlets got in the unknown way to Kiev. But popularity was not gained - not before was. And only in 30 years, in 1947 - m to year, they began the second (or a third?) life. They were prepared by one Kiev restaurateur in honor of return of the Ukrainian delegation from Paris where a number of peace treaties was signed with the former allies of Germany.

Cutlets were most highly approved, and therefore soon appeared at restaurants of the " system; Intourist under the name cutlets on - Kiev . The new dish caused a great interest, and the well-known Kiev cake became the same culinary sign of the capital of Ukraine, as well as.

History is the American.

However, Americans consider that the name of cutlets came from America. Say, cutlets were called in honor of Kiev because in a nu - York restaurants they were often ordered by emigrants from Kiev. In America our cutlets are loved too. There they are called Chicken Kiev (The Chicken Kiev), but sometimes provide also the name Tsiplenok Po - Kievski .

After war the dish got to Europe and again to Kiev. Here to you and one more version, a little farfetched, as, however, and everything that Americans think of our life.

By the way, Americans though kept the name of Kiev. At us they are called cutlets on - Moscow, on - Minsk, surprise svitanok novelty generally, izgalyatsya as want.

History with cutlets.

Pokhlebkin writes that for the foreigners who got used to use not only a fork, but also a knife, cutlets on - Kiev were cruel test. The matter is that in attempt to cut cutlet that it is unexpected shot an oil stream, splashing useless foreigners. Reached that poor creatures began to be supplied with the special instruction regulating the address with artful cutlets.

Our simple Soviet people were not exposed to this danger as never cut cutlets, and on is working - country punctured them with a fork, and while oil gradually followed from small holes, bit off directly from cutlet or broke off pieces the same fork. So it is our cutlets. To foreigners not to understand.

Eventually a miracle - cutlets extended on all system of a public catering and, naturally, degraded. For the first time I tried them in 1964 - m to year at " restaurant; " Subway;. Divine feeling. Last time - two years ago in one cafe in the downtown. Something luscious, fat, tasteless. I do not want to try more. At least, in this cafe.