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What is not wanted by women?

Female sexuality - the tool thin. Sometimes it is upset and then any fears and prejudices begin to hide our sensuality.

Happens so - the man comes to the doctor and begins to complain that the wife of a frigidn, never wants, even just runs away. The wife comes to the doctor, and here it becomes clear that she at all not a frigidna (frigid women are not). Just she is afraid... intimate relations. According to sexologists, such fears make the life intimate miserable almost of every third (!) to the woman.

No. 1: one of the most widespread female fears - prospect to make love by the light of. Frightens the woman that the man will see all shortcomings of her body. Cellulitis, the drooped stomach and a breast after feeding of the child, stale linen, a bad pedicure. The biggest mistake consists that women begin to apologize for it. And men - beings trustful, ten times you will tell them that you ugly, they also will believe, will go to look for another, confident in the irresistibility.

What to do: first of all needs to be understood that if the man went with you to bed, then to it to spit on your drooped tummy. He considers you attractive and sexual. Just suggest it to turn off the bright light, and to include a red night lamp, to light candles. In blinking of candles your body will be beautiful and shining.

No. 2: some women even in a bed think of that, not to become pregnant as if. Even if the woman will use all contraceptives at once, she will distract all the time, and after proximity will run in a bathroom to make syringing. Experts consider what here put not so much in fear of pregnancy, how many before childbirth.

What to do: to look at others - many women give birth also to two and three children. Perhaps not so all and is terrible. The brain of the woman is arranged so that she quickly forgets all terrible that was at the time of delivery, and remembers only pleasure from the child`s birth (itself tested). Several sessions at the psychologist will relieve you of this fear.

No. 3: many women are anxious with that, not to lose as if in a bedroom face. If the partner asks to be more careful, not to reap too strongly, then the woman right there will decide that she is a bad mistress, absolutely useless. If he runs in a shower, then only to be washed from a female smell. If fills up, then because it the animal, and nothing except sex is necessary to it. So complexes are born. Both ugly I, and silly, and mistress useless.

What to do: all problem in your low self-assessment. Try to argue on the contrary: the husband went after sex to a shower at once, he wants that from it pleasantly smelled. If fell asleep, then to it it was very good, he completely relaxed. You remember: self-confidence excites, and uncertainty - pushes away.

No. 4: some women feel painful feelings. Sometimes it happens from the valid diseases - inflammations of appendages and/or adhesive process. Or not enough time passed after the delivery. But also healthy women have such problems. Most often it occurs when the partner acts too energetically. Or from - for incompatibility of physical aspects. For example, if penis very big.

What to do: if it is caused by an illness, then an exit one - to be treated. If wildness the husband, tell him that such rush of passion flatters you, but your body needs also a tenderness droplet.

No. 5: sometimes processes which are not pleasant to the woman happen. Much do not like oral sex. Someone finds it unhygienic, someone does not like taste and a smell of sperm. Other ladies are shocked indecent things, for example, sex in critical days.

What to do: any sexopathologist will tell you - what occurs in a bed - always decently but (!) if it is wanted by both partners.

No. 6: as sociological polls, fear to be " show; caught torments not only young people, but also deeply married people. Many of them live with children and parents in small apartments where just tremendous audibility. How here to relax if behind a door the mother-in-law goes or the child coughs? Yes, of course, many are excited by risk to be caught, but not the relatives, or, it is even worse - children.

What to do: first of all - a latch on a door that at midpoint to you the sonny or the daughter who decided did not rush that to sleep with mother and the father much more conveniently, than without them. Turn on the TV or the music for creation of a necessary noise background. Only be not overzealous, and that you will be caught not only relatives, but also the neighbors wishing to go to bed.

As a last resort, it is possible to go safely to a bathroom under a pretext to rub to the father a back It is possible to relax and it is more extreme, for example, in park or in the wood. It is possible to have a hotel accommodation. Yes, it is expensive, but sometimes it is possible to indulge himself and to arrange a romantic situation.

Dear girls and women, be self-assured. If something torments you or it is not pleasant - be not afraid to tell about it to the partner. And then you, at last, will be happy with the sexual life. You remember: you are loved, desired, beautiful and attractive. Happiness to you!

Dear men, be more attentive with your soulmates. Despite the seeming independence, all of us remain the same fragile, soft young ladies!