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How is to the seller?

Such phenomenon as consumer extremism, already rather densely entered a lexicon both sellers, and lawyers. And here the buyer - the boor is known only to sellers. So in what difference of the buyer - the extremist from the buyer - the boor? First of all, that the buyer - the extremist, as a rule, pursues material benefit from the acts. That is, to part the seller on money. And here with the buyer - the boor everything is not so simple: besides mercantile interests - it is better to receive, quicker and, maybe, is even cheaper, such individual also just using that he cannot adequately be answered, it is simple dumps the negative emotions, irritation and just bad mood on actually meek person.

If with the buyer - the extremist, as a rule, all controversial issues are solved in court, though not always in favor of the seller, then with the buyer - the boor business, as a rule, does not come to court. Reasons for that a little. Let`s try to understand them.

The first and, probably, decisive is an occurring opinion that the buyer is always right. Yes, protection of the buyer at us at height! Employers in most cases side with the buyer in a conflict situation, and sellers perfectly are informed on it. And they are simply forced to be silent. Though nobody repealed the law on honor and dignity protection of citizens. Just it is somehow forgotten that the seller the same citizen, as well as all. But not too like people . Here also they should listen to swearing and it is lovely to smile in reply. At most, that the seller can if he is a woman, - to cry in a locker room, and then, having put on a smile on duty to return for a counter.

The second reason as it is paradoxical, ignorance of laws by the buyer is. And, he heard the law, but for some reason does not think that it concerns all, and not just it, favourite! Try to tell it that, offending the seller, he violates the Constitution and it can be brought to court! In reply you will hear that he - that knows laws. Ask on the basis of what law he considers himself to have the right to offend the seller? And in reply you will hear: the buyer is always right, and it is her (his) work! But, I`m sorry, unless work of the seller is in listening to insults, and, as a rule, groundless, or nevertheless its work is in that quickly and qualitatively to serve the buyer, that is, to sell him what he wants to buy?

There are two reasons which, in my opinion, are the main in emergence of such phenomenon as the buyer - the boor. It is possible to fight against it and it is necessary. Unique for today council which can be given: be not afraid, safely appeal to court! However, there is one but : as to make it in real life, nobody plainly knows, it is actually impossible to find witnesses of the fact that the seller was offended and, and, unfairly, very difficult! And it besides that the insult is caused in shop, in turn! Why? And YOU WILL go IN WITNESSES? Or at you never offended the seller? As?

Here also it turns out, and the law it seems is, and even that is surprising, works, and to here protect the seller from the ungirdled buyer there is nobody! Why? But it is a seller, work at it such! Here it is also necessary to cry after the next such buyer in a locker room, to drink validol and I listen to you? How many to veil? Come still! Work at us such that you left shop happy and happy. And nerves, well nerves, we will come home and - to sleep in the evening, and in the morning as a hand will remove! And tomorrow tomorrow for work!