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How for the first time in life to make cookies?

At Prometheus`s dawn the clap of mighty wings woke. An eagle it is noisy landed, for some reason touched a beak a link of a chain by which the victim was chained to the rock. Then attentive beady eyes as if aimed that it is more convenient klyu than

What liver, eagle? Did not listen to the end of the administration and departed to carry out. About cookies it was talked, pe - chen - e . The eagle disappointedly clicked language. Here, be treated. Also you can count on me, I about your miss mum`s the word .

the Big bird pecked cookies from a small knot; ate a little, it is more beak in dust of a razdolbil. Till tomorrow! - the become cheerful Prometheus shouted it following.

Interestingly - he thought, Grateful people quickly mastered Cookies, how at them with blacksmithing there?

So, before us the recipe Cookies house , probably as opposed to wild store. Flour, eggs, sugar is. Oh, margarine. We go behind the component lacking according to the specification, we will look whether correctly the industry hydrogenates fats. Hydrogenates. You see, and here anywhere from the epos.

According to the recipe 250 grams are required, and artful hydras from the industry pack up on 200. What now to solve the equations? But is not present, there is the necessary weight, and it is taken. Houses this wealth to develop, put in a cup, and to put a cup in another, more, with hot water. It in the softened look it is necessary to us, lukewarm.

We take two - three eggs. I took three, and large, but my troubles went not from here. We beat and is pounded with a glass of sugar (I had a glass and a quarter, still the quarter would be useful). In this recipe-book it is written to pound until white . At me it did not turn out. And in general, why then not to write " any more; take egg of a dinosaur ?

As I understood, when grinding by a wooden spoon (and metal I was not given in order to avoid injuries) a stage until white will come somewhere after until red and to the devil . Set before yourself the real purposes: when sugar almost is not felt or the sun will set. Or arm with the mixer.

In breaks it is possible to visit margarine, to pomelchit, suppress it a fork. To return to sugar and eggs. You do not know who decided what should be pounded clockwise? What for the rule of a gimlet?

- the Waiter, why tea unsweetened?

- And you in what party stirred? To the right? Therefore all sugar also left on the left.

Here we also reached my first miss. The half of a teaspoon of soda could be put out and dissolved in a water trifle, but not to throw it into the abyss of pounded. Still vanillin, is mentioned in the manuscript a half-bag. I was given in a crystal look, literally several atoms.

As there, until white does not appear yet? Hand over a shank from a spoon on a warehouse and fall asleep. Fill up flour! In two hands we knead, the third sometimes we add flour. It is required to receive very stiff dough. A leather jacket - points - Masterboy, Gucci - Da Vinci - Brad Daun, Lexus - Roleks - consensus. When dough begins to suggest to deal with competitors, it already quite krutovato.

Now about Tu which brought for you just the meat grinder. Tu which brought washed after the next use and some washer did not get. I - that thought that we with stiff dough together will endure this trouble, but was mistaken. My second miss. That which brought in cheerful worms - sausages turned dough regularly, but for some reason soiled with something like greasing.

Sorted, wiped, persuaded, but for nothing. Threw out the test for three here such, I will not be afraid of this word, a pechenishcha. Spat and took the spadefoot. Press garlick. Which still has to crack nuts. Has to because I bought for work recently the Chinese hand-made article which successfully broke on the first nut. That our cast iron, and that plastic Chinese souvenir. I do not know how there now with cast iron per capita, but our sharpness does not doze.

In the recipe-book suggested to oil a leaf, but this superfluous, it is possible to powder with flour only a little. By the way to be run by the spadefoot even it appeared more cheerfully, besides cookies bred on two leaves and they baked quicker. Baked - it is when the nice smell goes. The recipe offers everyone a finished product to powder with icing sugar.

In general experiment is recognized as successful. Cookies turned out medium-sized, soda presence was a little felt, one expert pointed to easy shortage of sugar. During tasting, and also after it the vigorous health and good mood did not suffer.

With the coming pleasant appetite!