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How to improve the health?

of People has to actively seek to be healthy. Achievements of medicine and medical assistance accustomed us to worry a little about the health: let doctors " think of it;. But whether it is worth bringing the matter to intervention of medicine?

Now the huge number of the means allowing and to keep without the assistance of the doctor health and cheerfulness up to the most extreme old age is known. It is about factors natural: physical exercises, hardening, moderation in food. Wide range of means allows to choose the most available and pleasant. To strengthen warmly - vascular system, one prefer run, others - swimming, skis or walks by bicycle. The elderly and badly trained person can be limited to fast walking, and young and mobile chooses volleyball, tennis or soccer. It is difficult to present the person who would take pleasure from visits to the doctor, pricks, drugs. And natural means, possessing huge improving efficiency, bring original joy, and need for these means and pleasure derived from them the it is more, than time of their application is longer.

But why there are a lot of people who are in every possible way avoiding physical exercises? Why we continually meet the people preferring to be ill constantly, bringing tortures and ourselves and the relatives, immensely thick, prematurely grown old, losing pleasures of life? These are the people who are not venturing the first decisive and irrevocable step in fight for themselves. Yes, such step demands considerable strong-willed effort.

Having crossed a side of passive and careless existence, the person turns from a patient glotatel of tablets into the main character of the vital events. He stimulates himself on violation of a habitual comfortable way of life, constantly overcomes the developed stereotype, and thanks to it rises above and above to tops of physical health and composure.

Ridiculous and senseless justifications of many, refusing to be engaged in physical exercises from - for already strong by nature health are represented. Presently good by nature these - an unreliable guarantee from various diseases. Our ancestors had not to live in so difficult, adverse and constantly changing conditions. Dirty air and noise of the cities, the polluted rivers, the increased speed and the broken natural rhythm of life which is expressed in the shift of day, regular for many, and night, nicotine, alcohol, an overeating, small mobility of the house and at work - all these factors resolutely undermine our opportunities to adapt.

However, it is not necessary to dramatize a situation. Eventually, the saving healthy lifestyle is not it burdensome burden. It is rather on the contrary - it brings huge physical and moral satisfaction, especially when becomes habitual.

The healthy lifestyle is effective prevention against the majority of the diseases shortening its duration. Ways of improvement are known, it is necessary only that each person himself took care of the health.

Possibly, since the smallest years of people has to learn to learn himself, to analyze the reasons of the cheerfulness or slackness, pain or good health. It is not less important to know himself, than know, for example, the profession or characters of close people.

Any cultural person is obliged to be guided well not only in features sincere, nervously - a mental warehouse, but also to subtleties to understand all nuances of the physical state. The knowledge of itself lasts all life, it is necessary to develop since the childhood at the person a habit and hunting to such knowledge.

Presently ideas of age were considerably displaced. The high standard of living and need of increase in term of training extended the period of the childhood and social maturing. Now the young man begins to work independently not earlier than 18 - 22 years. To years to 30 - 35 it gains rich life experience, becomes the full-fledged expert. By 40 - 45 years he enters in gold age when tops of professional skill are taken, a certain situation in society is reached, problems of material welfare are solved, children grew up. Also health is not dissipated yet. It is the age allowing to enjoy all pleasures of life.

Presently a problem of huge social importance is a bigger shift of limits gold age that would allow people whom we consider elderly now, to become much more active participants of a social production. The person and in 60 - 70 years is obliged to be healthy, tightened, vigorous, absolutely efficient, then the combination of a good health to vital wisdom and the highest degree of professional skill will give him the chance to be a full-fledged member of society, to fully taste pleasures of life. Keys from this border gold age in hands of each of us. Everything depends on our desire, will, knowledge.